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Super Mario RPG: All Seven Star Locations

Find out where you'll find all these fallen fragments in Super Mario RPG.

A peaceful land has been torn asunder with the appearance of Smithy and his gang. Now, you need to explore in search of magical fragments. Our guide discusses the locations of the Seven Stars in Super Mario RPG.

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Where to Find All Seven Stars in Super Mario RPG

The Seven Stars in Super Mario RPG are found in the following areas: Mushroom Kingdom, Forest Maze, Moleville Mines, Star Hill, Sunken Ship, Barrel Volcano, and Weapon World. I’ll add more details in their respective sections, so be forewarned that this guide contains spoilers.

Star #1: Blue Star

The Mushroom Kingdom will get attacked by a group led by a boss named Mack. Eliminate Mack in the throne room to obtain this star.

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Star #2: Green Star

You’ll acquire one of the Seven Stars in Super Mario RPG after getting through the Forest Maze. This is where Geno joins your party during the battle against Bowyer. It’s also where you’ll get to use Triple Moves for the first time.

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Star #3: Orange Star

You’ll receive this star piece in Moleville Mines. First, you’ll have to catch Croco in the tunnels, then take out a boss named Punchinello.

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Star #4: Purple Star

Out of the Seven Stars in Super Mario RPG, this one is quite unique since it’s not tied to a particular boss fight. Instead, you just need to interact with the flower buds in Star Hill and travel through the Star Keyholes until you reach it.

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Star #5: Violet Star

Acquiring this fragment is quite a doozy. First, go past Seaside Town and solve the puzzles in the Sunken Ship. Eventually, you’ll battle Johnny the Shark, who’ll willingly hand over this reward. However, when you return to Seaside Town, a gang led by Spearovich will try to take the star piece from you, which leads to yet another boss battle.

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Star #6: Red Star

Speaking of doozies, here’s another. This involves completing the entire Nimbus Land arc so you can gain access to the Barrel Volcano. At the very end of the dungeon, you need to defeat the Czar Dragon, which reanimates as the Zombone. But that’s not all; a group known as the Axem Rangers steals the star piece. You have to chase them down and defeat them on their airship.

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Star #7: Yellow Star

You’ll acquire the final star fragment at the very end of the campaign. We don’t want to spoil what happens, but make sure you prepare for the challenges ahead. If you’ve been leveling the best stat bonuses for your party and stocking useful Frog Coin items, you should be all set.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about the locations of all Seven Stars in Super Mario RPG. Just starting your adventure? Here’s which characters are recruited as party members. For more tips and strategies, head over to our dedicated SMRPG guides hub.

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