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Super Mario RPG: How to Get the Quartz Charm

Here's how to get the Quartz Charm, a powerful accessory in Super Mario RPG.

Not all items in Super Mario RPG are created equally. Indeed, some are more powerful and useful than others, and that means they’re harder to get than others. Here, I’ll discuss how to get the Quartz Charm in Super Mario RPG.

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How to Get the Quartz Charm in Super Mario RPG

To get the Quartz Charm in Super Mario RPG, you need to defeat a tough foe named Culex. You can learn more on how to unlock and clear this encounter in our Culex secret boss guide. However, I’ve also included a few important tips here.

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Tips and Tricks for Beating Culex for the Quartz Charm

Culex is surrounded by four crystals that cast different types of spells. You don’t really need to focus on a single one at any given time, since abilities that hit all targets tend to be preferable. Here’s what I did during my playthrough:

  • I mostly had Geno use Geno Flash and Geno Blast, as these hit all enemies. Slowly but surely, I was destroying crystals one by one, lessening the number of enemy attacks I needed to contend with each turn.
  • Peach was my team’s healer since she’s the only one with a cost-effective party-wide heal: Group Hug. I made sure to cast this whenever my team was low on health, though I also used the Therapy skill for single-target healing.
  • As for Mario, I just had him use Maple Syrup to restore FP (i.e., mana) in case the resource was low. If ever I wasn’t in any danger, I had Mario do normal attacks against Culex.

As an aside, my characters were equipped with powerful accessories, such as the Ghost Medal and Super Suit. Peach also had the Trueform Pin to prevent her from getting transformed and incapacitated.

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Quartz Charm Effects

The Super Mario RPG Quartz Charm has a nifty effect. It decreases the damage taken by a character by 50%, while also increasing the damage that they deal by 50%. It’s pretty much a great accessory owing to boosted defense and attacks. Likewise, it prevents mortal blows (i.e. enemy abilities that cause instant death).

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Quartz Charm in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SMRPG guides hub.

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