Super Mario Wonder: All Shova Mansion Wonder Seed Locations

Here's how to complete Secrets of Shova Mansion in Super Mario Wonder.

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Shova Mansion has a total of three Wonder seeds that you can collect. The first two are pretty easy to locate, but the third one can be tricky to find. Follow this guide on how to complete Secrets of Shova Mansion in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Where to Find All of the Wonder Seeds in Super Mario Wonder Shova Mansion

Where to Find the First Wonder Seed

The first Wonder Seed can be found after getting the Wonder Flower. About halfway through the level, you’ll see an archway that looks like there should be a door with three pink blocks on either side of it. Push all the boxes so that they’re in a line to make the door appear. Once you go through the door, you’ll see the Wonder Flower. After it’s activated, push the wall to the right and keep going, and you’ll eventually reach the Wonder Seed. 

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Where to Find the Second Wonder Seed

The second Wonder Seed is easy to get. There’s not anything secret or tricky here. Just finish the level normally, and you’ll pocket this one.

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Where to Find the Third Wonder Seed

To get the third and final Wonder Seed in Shovee Mansion, you’ll need to find the secret exit in Secrets of Shova Mansion. You can find the secret exit after the section where you push the two pink blocks together that each have half a door on them. 

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After you walk through the door, you’ll see a green block, a Shova, and some bricks on the floor. Kill the Shova and then break the bricks on the floor. Remember, you need to have a Super Mushroom or any kind of power-up to break bricks.

Now that there’s a gap in the floor, you’ll want to push the green block into the hole, which will reveal a golden pipe. Once you go into the golden pipe it’ll put you in the foreground of the level and lead you to the final Wonder Seed. 

That’s how to complete Secrets of Shova Mansion in Super Mario Wonder. For more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub

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