Campfire with stones and fish and coconuts next to it in Survival: Fountain of Youth
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Survival: Fountain of Youth Complete Cooking Guide – All Recipes

Food is life, especially when it comes to your survival. Here's how to make some!

The two most significant needs to keep up in Survival: Fountain of Youth are hunger and thirst. Getting fresh water is its own challenge, but with finding and cooking food, there are plenty of options to consider. Here’s a complete guide to how to get food, all the recipes available, and how to cook them.

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How to Cook in Survival: Fountain of Youth

There are several ways to keep your hunger up in Survival: Fountain of Youth, from harvesting food to hunting animals. You can pick coconuts and fruits and eat them raw, but other foods can lead to food poisoning if they aren’t cooked.

Most foods can be prepared right on a campfire, while other dried foods (that last longer without spoiling) require a Dehydrator. The best station to use for cooking is the Hearth with Pot, which is an upgraded version of the Campfire. You can make it in your Crafting menu under the Machines category or by pressing Upgrade on the campfire already built, using the following materials:

  • Fired Pot (made in a Kiln with Clay)
  • Long Stick
  • Short Stick
  • Stone

Once you have a campfire or cooking station placed, interact with it and switch to the Crafting tab. You’ll see the Food category at the top of the Crafting list. You can select the recipe you want to make and cook it if you have the proper ingredients.

How to Make All Recipes in Survival: Fountain of Youth

These are all the meals you can make, what machines are required to make them on, and the ingredients you’ll need for them:

Opened Green CoconutGreen CoconutNone
Opened Ripe CoconutRipe CoconutNone
CaviarSea Urchin or StarfishNone
Roasted BananasGreen BananaCampfire
Baked CakesBreadfruit
Hearth with Pot
Roasted CrabRaw CrabCampfire
Roasted MushroomsTricholoma MushroomsCampfire
Roasted FishRaw FishCampfire
Roasted MeatRaw MeatCampfire
Roasted Short-Eared DogShort-Eared DogCampfire
Roasted AgoutiAgoutiCampfire
Fried EggsEggCampfire with Stones
Dried MushroomsPuffball MushroomsFood Dehydrator
Dried DatesDatesFood Dehydrator
Dried FishRaw Fish
Sea Salt
Food Dehyrdator
Dried MeatRaw Meat
Sea Salt
Food Dehydrator
Salted LardAnimal Fat
Sea Salt
Food Dehydrator
Dried Coffee BeansCoffee BeansFood Dehydrator
Coffee DrinkClean Water
Dried Coffee Beans
Hearth with Pot
Berry CompoteBerry Compote RecipeHearth with Pot
Soup with BejesusClean Water
Raw Intestines
Hearth with Pot
Fresh SoupFresh-Soup RecipeHearth with Pot
Mushroom SoupFruit of the EarthHearth with Pot
Anteater StewAnteater Stew RecipeHearth with Pot
Baked Meat in ClayClay Strip
Raw Meat
Hearth with Pot
Baked Fish in ClayClay Strip
Raw Fish
Hearth with Pot
Smoked MeatRaw MeatSmokehouse
Smoked FishRaw FishSmokehouse

How to Get Food

Now that you know the basics of cooking and the recipes you can make, you’ll want to know how to know the details of gathering the ingredients required for each meal. There are two different ways to get food ingredients: harvesting and hunting.


Harvesting is a good way to get food that doesn’t require much to eat. Most of it you can prepare anywhere you are straight through your Crafting menu and without using a machine. You can even eat some of them immediately after picking them. However, there are also some ingredients you’ll harvest that can be eaten raw but have a chance of causing disease.

Coconut palm tree to harvest ripe coconuts on in Survival: Fountain of Youth
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These are some of the food items you can harvest:

  • Ripe Coconuts – In Coconut Palm trees
  • Platonia – In Platonia trees
  • Dates – In Date Palm trees
  • Bread Fruit – In Bread Fruit trees
  • Icaco – In Icaco trees
  • Feijoa – In Feijoa trees
  • Shells – On the beach (have Mollusks in them)
  • Sea Urchin – On the beach
  • Starfish – On the beach
  • Bananas – Banana Palm trees
  • Dragonfruit – In bushes (some can be found in the mountains)
  • Berries – In bushes (in forest areas)
  • Mushrooms – In caves or base of trees


Unlike harvesting, hunting usually requires you to track down an animal, kill them, and then scavenge their materials. Most of the food you get from hunting must be cooked or will make you sick if eaten raw.

Hunting with a spear on crabs on the beach in Survival: Fountain of Youth
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You’ll find all types of animals around the map. The best way to hunt them is to make a spear or ranged weapon, like a bow. Then, press C to crouch and sneak up on them without scaring them away or alerting them. Hold M2 to aim to throw, shoot, or charge your attack. Then, press M1 to release or swing. Hitting an animal while undetected is the best way to kill them quickly. Then, interact with the fallen animal to harvest their raw meat.

It’s also a great idea to invest in the Concentration skill. With the skill unlocked, you can press V to see an outline of nearby animals and view their footprints to track them. The higher the level of your skill, the more you’ll be able to detect.

Fishing is an easier way to get raw fish to cook, but you’ll need to have a fishing pole, good fishing skills, and visit a nearby fishing spot. Fishing spots are usually on the coasts, and there is a rod stand where you can enter fishing mode with your pole.

Fishing spot in Survival: Fountain of Youth with fishing rod stand
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These are all the basics you need to know about getting food and preparing it in Survival: Fountain of Youth. Keep in mind that food doesn’t last forever. It can expire and become rotten if left for too long. You’ll want to eat it before that, or if you want to stock up, you’ll want to build a Dehydrator to make dried foods.

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