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Taking Back the Baxter Building Part III – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes Guide

Spider-man joins Captain America and Mr. Fantastic to take Doctor Octopus into custody.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Spider-man has once again joined up with the team of heroes to defeat the villain. They head out on the rooftops again from the Daily Bugle in pursuit of Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus flees across the rooftops behind a sign of Spider-Man himself. It’s time to stop this mechanical maniac.

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When the characters load in, you are at the top of a staircase. Go back down the stairs and switch to Mr. Fantastic. There is a grate there that he can use. Slip through the grate and Mr. Fantastic will emerge in a small glass room on another part of the building. Bust everything for Lego coins and then go back through the grate. This is optional.

Across from the top of the stairs is the save terminal.

If you haven’t already saved your game, be sure to do so now. Switch to Spider-man and have him target the pull target across the roof on a blue communications tower. This will pull the tower down to make a bridge so the characters can cross. Octobots will try to deter your path.

To the left of this rooftop is an area for heightened senses.

Go towards it with Spider-man and use his spider sense. This will reveal a Lego wall that he can use to climb up to the next level. Another area for heightened senses will show up so use spider-sense again. This will show pull targets on a generator. Use the pull targets to activate the generator. The generator will turn on fans where Mr. Fantastic and Captain America await below. The fans are used to propel the two up to the level with Spider-man.

Go around to the side of the building and there will be a set of glowing items. Bust up these items so that they can be rebuilt to form a control panel. Switch to Mr. Fantastic to use the console to open a gate. Cross the bridge to the next roof. Be careful as you can easily fall.

There will be a lot of octobots on the next roof to defeat. There are lots of gold items on this roof so be sure to go back for freeplay. To reach rooftops on this level for the extra coins, use Spider-man and his webbing to swing up there. (This is also optional). Jump back down to the rooftop garden. At the end of the garden up a few white steps is a Fantastic 4 logo. Switch to Mr. Fantastic to use the platform and he will transform into a rocket. He will fly into the Spider-man billboard across the gap. Change to Spider-man to use the pull targets to pull the sign down to form another bridge.

Cross the sign bridge.

Doctor Octopus will be waiting and he will grab a helicopter and throw it through the building to escape again. Follow Doctor Octopus through the hole that he has made in the building. This will lead to a cut scene in a courtyard in New York City. It is time for the big boss fight where the heroes finally take on Doctor Octopus. This will be the trickiest fight in the game up to this point.

Near the red stairs is a save terminal. Be sure to save just in case you need to reload your game.

You can not attack Doctor Octopus outright as it simply does not work. Defeat his octobots around him and watch for one of his mechanical arms to get stuck in the ground. Be careful as he will grab characters and kill them by tossing them to the ground, so avoid his arms. When his arm gets stuck, he will yell out about it being stuck. A green circle will appear near the leg that is stuck. Stand in this circle and attack the leg. This will cause him to jump to another section of the board.

Once Doctor Octopus is left with one working mechanical arm, he will start running around. Finish defeating the octobots to secure the ending cut scene. While the heroes are trying to take the cosmic brick from Doctor Octopus, it will be stolen by the Green Goblin and taken to Oscorp. The heroes will knock Doctor Octopus out so that he can be apprehended.

This is the end of the Baxter Building level. You should have gathered 1 canister from the greenhouses and achieved True Believer before the end of the board. If you missed a part of this series, be sure to check out:

For a full list of my tips and guides, be sure to check out my page for Lego Marvel Superheroes.

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