Temtem Guide: Best Temtem Tier List

Choose the best Temtem with the help of this Temtem tier list updated for the 1.0 release.

Choose the best Temtem with the help of this Temtem tier list updated for the 1.0 release.

The 1.0 release of Temtem has brought new features as well as a whole new round of balancing changes that both casual and competitive Temtem players should be aware of as they return to the game in its fully release state.

We’re going to go over the top Temtem with the 1.0 release, some entries being very familiar with others being surprises that mold the current meta.

S-Tier Temtem

  • Type: Wind, Fire.
  • Evolves from: Tuwai.
  • Location: N/A.

Tulcan is the best Fire Temtem in the game, particularly with its exclusive Heater trait, which burns enemies upon entering combat, combined with Pyromaniac.

In the official release, some of its moves have been made more accessible, such as Multiple Pecks and Humiliating Slap.

But its strongest moves still are: Tornado and Fire Tornado, as well as Feather Gatling. The first two use both Fire and Wind elements to the best extent, which unleash powerful blows on a single target enemy,

Tulcan can fight almost any type of Temtem, but try to keep it away from Water and Electric types, as it is weakest against them.

  • Type: Neutral, Earth.
  • Evolves from: N/A.
  • Location: Tasa Desert, Kisiwa Island.

If you want nothing but physical strength in your Temtem, then Rhoulder is a perfect choice due to its unique Tardy Rush ability, which increases its speed by 100%, and Thick Skin, which makes him very hard to damage physically.

It has the highest base HP and defense stat among all neutral Temtem, which also makes him a superb tank. Of course, Mental type can still deal with Rhoulder, but it can be a real problem for Temtem of other elements.

Its best attacks are: Goring, Stone Ball, Earth Breaker, Drill Impact, and Stampede.

A-Tier Temtem

  • Type: Electric, Melee.
  • Evolves from: Sparzy.
  • Location: Digital Kami Shrine, Cipanku Island.

In the 1.0 release, Golzy has the highest base stats among all Electric and Melee types.

Golzy is a Defuser, which allows him to apply Siezed status effect on enemies for three turns. It is also protected by the Voltaic Charge, which deals 10% retaliatory damage to enemies who use single target techniques against Golzy.

Its three best moves are Held Anger, Oshi-Dashi, and Savage Suplex. Golzy’s only drawback is that its special attack is not very strong.

  • Type: Mental, Electric.
  • Evolves from: Minox.
  • Location: N/A.

If you’re specifically looking for the Electric type with the highest attack power, then Minothor is your Temtem.

In addition to its high damage, Minothor has the trait of a Rusher, which increases his speed as soon as another Temtem enters the battlefield.

All this in combination with such techniques like Piezoelectric Blow, Stampede, Head Ram, and Blackhole makes Minothor a truly formidable foe. Unfortunately Mental Temtem wreak havoc on Minothor.

B-Tier Temtem

  • Type: Nature, Wind.
  • Evolves from: Swali.
  • Location: Omninesia Island.

Loali has equally effective defense and offense techniques, and its base stats are the highest among all Nature and Wind types.

Loali is a typical Botanis, which allows you to deal Nature damage with 15% boost. It can also poison enemies for three turns, which can be a big hlp.

It has two highly effective moves, such as Blizzard and Resin Trap, but if you seek extra protection, then activate its Bark Shield instead.

Too bad its so vulnerable to Fire type, which is one of the most used Temtem types in the game.

  • Type: Neutral.
  • Evolves from: Goty.
  • Location: N/A.

Mouflank is best at avoiding damage due to its Unnoticed trait, which increases its speed if it doesn’t receive any hits from the enemies. This makes Mouflank immune to almost all types of Temtem except Mental.

Generally Mouflank has most of its base stats well balanced, but it has vulnerabilities in its special defense. But you can always use it for attacking instead, which can be easily achieved with such techniques like Knockback and Goring.

  • Type: Water, Wind.
  • Evolves from: Fomu.
  • Location: Deniz Island.

This Temtem could be a great alternative to Loali, but instead of Nature element you get Water, which is great for all kinds of special defenses.

If you manage to keep Wiplimp’s health above 70%, then it will have a naturally increased speed. This can help a lot with both attacking and defending oneself, but it will always be vulnerable to Electric types no matter what.

It’s three best moves are Tornado, Blizzard, and Drill Impact. And, if you reach level 100, you’ll gain access to Water Cannon, which is a very special water attack with a toxic synergy.

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