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The Best Companions in Rise of the Ronin

Here are the best characters to add to your party

Rise of the Ronin allows you to recruit certain characters to join you in missions. You can have up to two companions in your party. Each character has a unique skill and combat style to help you in specific situations. Here are the best companions in Rise of the Ronin. 

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Rise of the Ronin: Best Companion

Throughout Rise of the Ronin, there are a total of 32 companions that can join your party. You’ll unlock them by completing story missions and side quests. When you have a companion in your party during a mission, they’ll have an Ally Blessing. These are special effects or skills that can help you out. 

Every companion also specializes in a certain weapon and combat style. You’ll also be able to learn these combat styles by having them in your party and growing your Bond with them. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want party members who have different weapons than you since it’ll give you more variety in combat. 

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Here’s a list of the best companions to have in your party along with their Ally Blessing and weapon:

Koto Saito

  • Weapon: Great Sword
  • Ally Blessing: Dancing with Death – temporarily increases defense power when the protagonist or other ally falls in battle.

Rayoma Sakamoto

  • Weapon: Katana 
  • Ally Blessing: Trigger of the Dawn – increases the number of bullets loaded into revolvers while adding fire damage to handgun attacks.

Sana Chiba

  • Weapon: Polearm
  • Ally Blessing: Bellflower in the Breeze – reduces Ki consumption of dodging movements.

Soji Okita

  • Weapon: Extended Katana
  • Ally Blessing: Glass Blade – increases damage dealt by all martial skills at the cost of increased Ki consumption.

Those are the best companions in Rise of the Ronin.  If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated Rise of the Ronin guides hub. 

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