Spider-Man 2: The Complete List of All Photo Ops Locations

Here's where to find all of the Photo Ops locations in Spider-Man 2 for a bronze trophy.

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There are plenty of activities to do in Spider-Man 2. Many of them expand upon the world, giving snapshots into various characters and the state of New York City. Here, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the 23 Photo Ops locations in the game for the New York, New York trophy.

Where to Find Every Photo Ops Location in Spider-Man 2

You can find all of the Photo Ops locations once you get access to the entirety of New York City following the tutorial section. You’ll meet Robbie Robertson, who’s putting together a photo journal of life in New York, ranging from troubadours in city squares to friends playing tennis on a rooftop.

These snapshots go into your Collections tab — along with Marko’s Memories — and can be viewed anytime. They give you 150 XP and 2 City Tokens each. The first one you get is High Stakes in Little Odessa. It’s unmissable and acts as a tutorial for these activities. After finding them all, you’ll get the bronze trophy called New York, New York. You’ll also get an additional 5 City Tokens and 1,000 XP.

How to Complete Photo Ops

To complete Photo Ops, follow these steps:

  • Discover green camera markers on the map through exploration.
  • Go to the location and access your camera by swiping up on the touchpad.
  • Use L2 to aim your camera at the subject, getting it in-frame correctly (don’t be too close, too far, etc.).
  • Press R1 to take the photo once the circle is green.

The Exact Locations of Each Photo Op

Little Odessa x3

  • High Stakes: This Photo Op is unmissable. It’s located in southeastern Little Odessa, teaching you about and unlocking Photo Ops. Take a picture of the two friends throwing the frisbee from building to building.
  • We’re Here Every Week: This one can be found in central Little Odessa, north of High Stakes. Take a picture of the farmer’s market at street level. 
  • The Bodega Beef: This location is in the north/northeastern section of the district, just northeast of the last one. Take a picture of the NPCs in the Spider Cat costumes on Eagle Street by the bodega. 

Williamsburg x1

  • Hidden Oasis: This Photo Op is in north-central Williamsburg on top of a building at the marker. You’ll see some Spider-Man graffiti on the roof near a small water tower. Jump up on the water tower and look down inside for the picture. 

Downtown Brooklyn x3

  • Now That’s a Bridge: This can be found in northwest Downtown Brooklyn, near a Prowler Stash and an EMF Experiment. Go to the location, where you’ll find several tourists taking pictures of the Manhattan Bridge. Pull out your camera and grab your own snapshot. 
  • Beach Party: Find this location in the southwestern portion of Downtown Brooklyn, where you originally fought Sandman and where you go to find the last crystal for Marko’s Memories. Take a picture of the beachgoers dancing at a bonfire near a Sandman hand. 
  • Champion of Champions: Find this collectible location in the extreme southeastern portion of Downtown Brooklyn at Coney Island. Take a picture of the hot-dog-eating champion outside of Coney Island Seafood.

Chinatown: x2

  • Checkmate: This one is in northwestern Chinatown near an EMF challenge and one of Marko’s Memories. Look for the basketball court, then take a picture of the two people playing chess at the edge of the court. 
  • The Little Taiyaki Cart: This Photo Op is in the northeastern portion of Chinatown, along the four-lane road that runs along the district’s edge and the water. Photograph the food vendor at the location. 

Financial District x1

  • It Was an Accident: To find this Photo Op location, go to the furthest southern tip of the Financial District. This is on the street just barely northeast of one of Marko’s Memories along the harbor. Look for the taxi that hit a bicycle and two people arguing near it. It’s across from the park with the large eagle statue and memorial. 

Greenwich x2

  • Telling Time: This location can be found in south-central Greenwich. Take a picture of the man standing on a box telling ESU students to get to class on time. He’s on the sidewalk near the area’s park. 
  • Greenwich Mural: To find this location, go to north-central Greenwich and look for the “Love” mural painted on a south-side wall of a brown apartment building.  

Midtown x2

  • We Haven’t Forgotten: Go to the marker in the northwestern corner of Midtown to find the Oscorp headquarters. Take a photo of the protesters outside. 
  • Audition Piece: Another activity is found just east of We Haven’t Forgotten, on the block just across from Oscorp Headquarters. Take a picture of the actor auditioning under the overhang at the entrance to Radio City Music Hall. 

Hell’s Kitchen x1

  • The Duel: This Photo Op location is found in east-central Hell’s Kitchen. Look for a glass skyscraper with a plaza at the marker. Photograph the two performers nearest the building in the plaza, near the food vendor. 

Upper West Side x 1

  • Kinda Fanboys: This Photo Op can be found in the north-central part of the district. Look for the two shirtless Spider-Man fanboys with masks being filmed on a rooftop at the marker. 

Central Park x2

  • The Truth: This is in the northern portion of Central Park, below the border to Harlem. Go to the marker and take a photo of the man wearing headphones at the table with the End is Near sign. 
  • To the Beat: This area is in the southwestern portion of the park, just northwest of one of Marko’s Memories. Take a picture of the dancers in front of the amphitheater.  

Upper East Side: x1

  • The Rooftop Court: This one is in the southeastern portion of the Upper East Side on top of yet another building. Take a picture of the tennis court on the roof. 

Harlem x1

  • The City Game: This Photo Op can be found in southeastern Harlem, near the border with the Upper East Side. Look for a basketball court with a large American Flag and a bright multi-colored building near it. Take a picture of the court/basketball goal closest to the road. Can get this when visiting Aunt May’s grave.

Astoria x2

  • Step Up to the Plate: This activity can be found on the island in the northwestern part of Astoria, near the border along the bay. Look for a baseball field near the elevated train tracks. Take a picture of the people having a picnic near the bleachers. 
  • The Masked Challenger: This Photo Op is found in the northwestern portion of Astoria’s mainland at a wrestling venue. The venue is near a building with a large graffiti of both Spider-Men. Take a picture of the wrestler wearing the blue mask outside the building. 

Downtown Queens x1

  • We’ll Treat You Like Family: Take a picture of the NPC in the grey hoodie and blue apron outside of Jirji’s Hummis on the district’s west side. 

That’s where to find all of the Photo Ops locations in Spider-Man 2. For more tips and tricks, head over to our guides hub for the game.

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