Learn about all the changes implemented in the newest Sanhok map with the help of this guide to PUBG.

The Complete PUBG Sanhok Guide

Learn about all the changes implemented in the newest Sanhok map with the help of this guide to PUBG.
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The latest new map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the same Savage map you could try out on the Test Server, but the new and upgraded one has been renamed to Sanhok, and it is now available on the dedicated Experimental Server.

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Every owner of PUBG has the chance to play the new map, which has been significantly remodeled with several new locations, upgrades to old locations, and new names for many of them.

Follow the guide below for all the information on the newest 4×4 map in PUBG — Sanhok.

Four New Landing Spots


Located in the southern part of the larger island, the new cave system has a giant crater that’s wide open for parachute landing, with a pool of water on the bottom and two corridors that serve as left and right exits out of the cave. The loot isn’t particularly good in the cave, but the possibilities for sneak attacks are limitless.


Tambang is located in the westernmost part of the map and is a great landing spot if you want to get safely into the Ruins (formerly known as Swamp Temple). It is the closest spot that has loot inside the houses, which you can use before venturing into more dangerous territories.


This location can be found on the easternmost part of the map, not far away from Camp Bravo. Lakawi, just like Tambang, mainly serves to give players a good landing spot and time to gather some loot before going into the hotter spots.

Na Kham

If you played on the Savage map, then you should be familiar with Na Kham, which is basically a remodeled Logging Camp. Previously located on the southern island, it is now found in the southwestern part of the Sanhok map, right next to Sahmee (formerly known as Commerce).

Locations With Changed Names

Bluehole Studios also changed the names of most locations on the new Sanhok map. If you played the Savage map before, you will find that the locations are the same, but they are now called something else.

Below you will find the complete list of these changed names: 

Abandoned Resort Paradise Resort
Manufacturing Ha Tinh
Logging Camp Tat Mok
Coastal Khao
Coconut Farm Mongnai
Training Center Bootcamp
Bootcamp Alpha Camp Alpha
Bootcamp Charlie Camp Charlie
Bootcamp Bravo Camp Bravo
Swamp Temple Ruins
River Town Pai Nan
Commerce Sahmee
Beach Ban Tai
Dock Docks
Rice Farming Town Kampong
Banyan Grove Bhan


Here is the complete list of old locations that have been redesigned and upgraded:

  • Bhan (formerly known as Banyan Grove) — located in the middle of the island
  • Ruins (formerly known as Swamp Temple) — located on the west side of the island
  • Quarry — located near the middle of the island
  • Docks — located on the southeast side of the island
  • Mongnai (formerly known as Coconut Farm) — located at the northeast side of the island
  • Bootcamp (formerly known as Training Center) — located in the middle of the island
  • Paradise Resort (formerly known as Abandoned Resort) — located on the northeast side of the island

All these locations looked completely unfinished on the Savage map, but now you can see them in their full glory on the Sanhok map.

Other Changes

Assault Rifles

ARs have quickly become the most sought-out weapons in PUBG. Unsurprisingly, they are extremely effective on almost all types of ranges, which is why Bluehole changed the AR spawn algorithm and locations.

Specifically, the developers increased the spawn ratio of the M16A4 and AKM. Both are highly reliable types of ARs.


Holographic scopes are now more precise. The changes were made to the size of the reticle, which is now equal to the size of a full human body from a distance of 100 meters. You can now headshot other players with real precision.

Red zones

Red zones will now appear more often inside the play zone, which automatically makes things a lot more dangerous. This change was made to completely remove the chance of red zones appearing inside the safe zone.


With the introduction of the new Cave location on the Sanhok map, you can now be sure to grab a vehicle nearby. Cave has become the hotspot for Aquarails and Motorbikes, so keep an eye out on this specific location.

These are all the changes that have been implemented on the new Sanhok map, and for other PUBG guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

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