PUBG Guide: All Key Savage Map Locations

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There is a new experimental map in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. In order to get the key, you need to have a valid Steam account and a purchased copy of PUBG.

Savage is the new 4x4 map, which resembles the map from Fortnite. It's twice as small as Erangel, which makes it a lot more dangerous and faster. If you want to know which locations are the best to drop at and find the finest loot, then follow this guide for all the key locations on the Savage map.

Training Center

The military base on Erangel was a really hot spot; now it's the Training Center on the Savage map. It is located right at the center of an island, and it has some of the finest loot you will find on the ground, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, and top-tier armor.

Obviously, expect some hot action as soon as you land since it's currently the top spot for landing. So drop on the roofs of the buildings and avoid open areas until you see a good opportunity to move forward and collect some loot at the gully.

River Town

We've seen plenty of bridges connecting two islands, but this time it's the entire town located on the water and connecting the two parts of the map. It makes for rather unique situations.

There are three bridges in total in this area: one for transport, and two smaller ones. All of them can be used as choking points, so you'll be spending a lot of time checking what's on them and under them in the water.

In terms of loot, there are lots of guns and attachments here, although not much in terms of gear. But guns are all you need for spectacular shootouts!


Bootcamp Alpha

There are three bootcamps in total on the Savage map. The Alpha one is situated on the smallest of the three islands, and it's the best one. First of all, it is located under the hill -- the highest point on the map with an excellent overlook, which can be used as a perfect spot for sniping in all directions.

Secondly, it has watch towers, which again can be used for great sniping or vantage points. And lastly, it is located very close to another cool spot -- Manufacturing, the only real place for urban warfare and real squad action.

Abandoned Resort

This is definitely one of the most unusual spots on the map, which makes it so much more exciting. It's an entire compound made up of buildings surrounded by rocks and such.

The trick here is to look out for the loot on the outside of the compund and not inside the courtyard. Otherwise, you'll get sniped from one of the roofs. So approach the buildings carefully and snatch a few weapons on your way.

Then, take up a good position and wait for other players to drop. Opt for a safer and slower strategy here, and you will be greatly rewarded.



Coastal is a small town located on the northern shore of the island. It's not the most attractive spot in terms of loot or combat action, but it has something other places don't -- cars and boats.

You can be sure to snatch a vehicle here and drive along the fields into the center of the island, or you can drive along the coast and check every single hut on the beaches of the Savage map.

You could also take a boat and swim across the rivers splitting the map. And don't forget to take your mates along the way!


That is all for the most important locations on the new Savage map, and for other PUBG guides at GameSkinny, simply check out the links below:

Published Apr. 5th 2018


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