PUBG Guide: Shooting Tips and Tricks on Xbox One

Learn how to shoot, switch fire modes, equip attachments, reload, and change weapons in this guide to PUBG for Xbox One.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now available on Xbox One, but with this comes a new, challenging set of controls every console player must know perfectly in order to survive in the harsh environments of this battle royale shooter.

Speaking of shooting, it's the most important aspect of PUBG. If you want to know how to shoot and kill your enemies in the most effective way using the Xbox One gamepad, then keep on reading this guide for all the most essential tips and tricks.

How to Pick Up Weapons and Attachments

Before making your first moves in PUBG on Xbox One, you need to find some weapons. You can either pick them up off the ground or from the air crates.

In order to pick up a weapon from the ground, simply walk up to it and press X on your gamepad. The weapon will instantly go into your inventory. In order to fire your weapon, press RT.

The same applies to all other items, such as gear and attachments. In order to add an attachment to your weapons, you need to open the game menu and use your D-pad to scroll through the attachments in your inventory. Select the desired item by pressing A.

Then, use your D-pad to select the weapon, and press A once again to equip the attachment.

How to Use Semi- and Full-Auto Weapons

Using the semi- and full-auto shooting modes efficiently is very important. If you have a good cover and want to shoot your target from a distance, it would be correct to use semi-auto mode.

In order to switch between these two modes, you need to tap the left D-pad button. If you want to lean from cover for aiming, press L for left leaning and R for right.

When using optics, you can zoom in for a better view of the target by pressing RB + L and up for zooming in or down for zooming out. For better aiming, press LB to hold your breath.

How to Control Recoil/Spraying

Recoil may be a real problem in PUBG, especially when you switch to full-auto mode. There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with recoil/spraying in PUBG:

  • Use full-auto mode only in close combat.
  • Get yourself three types of attachments that will help you control recoil: compensator, vertical grip, and cheek pad.
  • Remember that these attachments will not suppress the recoil 100% but will only give you a certain leverage.
  • If you want to avoid recoil, then use semi-auto mode instead.

How to Reload and Change Weapons

When you used all your ammo on a weapon and you need to reload it fast, you need to press and hold the X button. It is important to remember to hold it; otherwise, the reload mechanic will not work.

If you have no spare ammo for one particular weapon, then you can switch to another one by pressing the Y button. In this way, you can quickly cycle through all of the weapons in your inventory.


That is all you need to know for effective shooting on the Xbox One version. For other PUBG guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:


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Published Dec. 19th 2017

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