PUBG Xbox Controls Guide

Our PUBG guide to Xbox controller settings helps you get up to speed with the new control scheme, including how to aim down sights.

PUBG is finally out on Xbox One, but with the change from PC to console come some changes in how the controls work. Quick movements and accurate actions are paramount for success, and it pretty much goes without saying that aiming is among the most important things you'll be doing in PUBG. Some buttons will perform different functions when clicked or held too. But, complicated as it may sound, it's all fairly simple and intuitive, so if you're used to PC controls, you'll pick these up in no time.

Basic Controls in PUBG for Xbox

Much to the surprise of few, the left stick controls your movement, and if you click it, you'll be able to sprint. The right stick controls the camera.

Lettered Buttons

For interacting with the environment, you'll tap the X button. But, if you need to reload, you'll hold the X button down. Y is for equipping or switching weapons, and holding it down unequips a weapon. The A button jumps (and that's it), while pressing B lets you crouch, and holding B makes you go prone. 

The D-Pad

Pressing up on the D-pad equips a melee weapon, and pressing right equips or throws a throwable weapon. Left changes fire mode. Pressing down will change out a consumable item, while holding down uses it.


The Right Trigger is what you'll be using a lot, since it fires your weapon. Hold it down to chuck a grenade.

How to Aim Down Sights in PUBG

The Left Trigger is equally important, though.

To bring up your sights, just tap the left trigger on the controller. You don't have to hold it down to keep the sights up, either. They stay up until you tap the left trigger again.

Xbox PUBG Aiming Controls

Fortunately, the other aiming controls for the Xbox controller aren't difficult to pick up on either. Pressing up or down on the D-Pad increases or decreases zeroing, respectively, and pressing right will reset zeroing. Left changes your fire mode. The left stick is for moving, just like any other game, and the right stick lets you look around. Pressing either stick leans your character in that direction. Just as in normal control mode, pressing the Right Trigger fires your weapon, and if you hold it down, you'll toss a grenade.

How to Use a Scope

Using a scope goes hand-in-hand with aiming down sights. You'll use the left trigger just as if you were aiming down sights. But, you'll need to find a scope first and attach it to your chosen weapon. The easiest ways to find a scope are by exploring buildings or picking them up off of defeated players' bodies.

Map Controls

Press the view button to bring up or close your map (and B also closes it). You can zoom in or out by pressing up or down on the D-Pad, move the cursor with the right stick, and move the map by pressing the Right Bumper and moving the left stick. If you need to remove a marker, press Y.

Vehicle Controls

The Right Trigger accelerates, and the Left Trigger reverses. If you want a boost, press the Left Bumper, and if you need to change the camera, you'll use the Right Bumper. The left and right sticks are for movement and camera, as usual (but you can hold the left stick down to blow your horn, should you so choose).

The A button changes what seat you're in, and you can hold it down to select the driver's seat. Y activates the handbrake, and B has you exit the vehicle. X isn't used in this scheme.

Swimming Controls

The swimming control setup is fairly basic. Move with the left stick, and click it down to swim faster. Float by pressing A, dive with B, and interact with X.

Inventory Controls

The Xbox inventory controls are a bit more involved. You'll use the Right and Left Bumpers to move between columns in the inventory.The A button selects a weapon, then you'll find the slot where you want to place it, and press A again. X picks up items and ammo and puts them in your bag, and Y drops a selected item.

If you need to remove all attachments from a weapon, select that weapon and hold X. If you don't have room in the bag, select the weapon and hold Y to remove attachments and drop them on the ground.


Are you finding it difficult to get used to the XBox control scheme? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other PUBG guides!


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Published Dec. 13th 2017

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