The Finals: How to Add and Invite Friends

Let's see how to add and invite friends in The Finals.

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With plenty of team-based modes in The Finals beta, adding friends and coordinating with them in a voice-chat party is crucial for victory. I’ll show you how to add and invite friends in The Finals.

As with any multiplayer team FPS, adding friends and hosting a party is the classic must-know before playing. Luckily, the game follows a universal cross-play social system that makes finding, communicating, and playing with friends easy.

How to Add and Invite Friends in The Finals

The main thing I recommend doing first is establishing your Embark ID on the developer’s website. Create an account and link it to your platform with the appropriate icon. You can play the game on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

From here, it’s all about adding friends through the in-game settings. Follow this guide:

  • From the Main Menu go to “Settings”.
  • Navigate to the “Gameplay” tab and then “Network-Console”.
  • Activate cross-play to find friends on other platforms.
  • Return to the Main Menu and open the “Social” menu.
  • Select “Add Friend”.
  • Ask your friends for their Embark ID and type it in here.
  • Add them and wait for them to accept.

Once your friends accept, you can play one of the various team-based game modes like Bank-It together. It’s that simple and as you can see, the game supports cross-play.

Image via Embark Studios

This means that no matter what platform you and your friends are using, you’ll be able to play together. The open beta is ending soon so try to unlock as many weapons and Battle Pass features with your friends as you can. Luckily, most of your unlocked content will carry over to the full release.

We hope this guide on how to add and invite friends in The Finals answers your question. Remember to remind your friends to link their accounts with their platforms before playing together. If you’re interested in more The Finals content, check out our guides section on the game like how to change your cross-hair settings.

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