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The First Descendant: How to Do Infiltration Missions

Learn how to play infiltration missions like a pro in The First Descendant with this guide.

While playing The First Descendant, you will stumble upon some side missions with rewards that will help you craft new weapons, enhance modules, and much more. One of the many side missions players can do in The First Descendant are Zone Recon or Infiltration missions. These missions will put your abilities to the test, but if you follow a few tips, you’ll finish them in no time, earning a few rewards quickly.

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How to do Infiltration Missions in The First Descendant

Before you go to the nearest Zone Recon Missions in The First Descendant, you must equip the best weapons in your arsenal as you will be going against tough opponents. If you are doing your first missions in Kingston, there is a big chance you will be using one of the starting characters, so make sure you use the best build and loadout for Lepic if you pick him as your first descendant.

This is the first Zone Recon Mission you’ll find, as Kingston is the first area you’ll jump in the game. Before sprinting towards the question mark icon, investigate the area and look for three small surveillance towers. These will make your Zone Recon Missions easier, giving you more time to complete them. If you fail to find any, don’t worry. You can still do the mission.

After finding the mission on the map and heading to the area, you’ll meet with a handful of enemies and a notification telling you the mission has started. You must eliminate all the enemies at the mission site and destroy the three power units.

While doing these missions, I found that using a sniper rifle was the quickest way to destroy the power units, as the heavy rounds do a lot of damage in a few shots. If you don’t have a sniper rifle, you can use a submachine gun and do as much damage as possible while avoiding getting hit by the enemies around you.

If you are doing the infiltration mission alone, you can destroy the second and third generators without firing at them with your weapons. You must kill all the enemies in the area and quickly hide.

While hiding, a timer will start a countdown. You have to stay hidden until the countdown gets to zero, or more enemies will spawn. When the countdown gets to zero, you’ll get to sabotage the remaining power units.

Infiltration mission stealth approach.
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After you finish with the power units, you must kill a mini-boss that will quickly show up when you destroy the last power unit. This mini-boss usually goes down after a handful of sniper shots, so save your ammo for this section if you can.

As soon as the mini-boss shows up, focus all your damage on him, as killing him will make all other enemies disappear. After killing the mini-boss, you’ll receive a few rewards for completing the mission.

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