Here's how to complete "Worst Contact" and recruit Ellie into your team in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds: Ellie Guide

Here's how to complete "Worst Contact" and recruit Ellie into your team in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds is both every space colonist’s nightmare and every RPG fan’s newest obsession. In The Outer Worlds, you can find and recruit a cast of six unique weirdos into your crew, but it isn’t immediately obvious where to find each companion if you aren’t looking hard enough. In order to unlock Ellie, the snarky medic-turned-pirate who knows her way around the sharp end of a tossball stick, it’s actually quite simple.

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How to Find The Outer Worlds Companion Ellie

Once you’ve completed “Comes Now the Power” in Edgewater and found yourself on the Groundbreaker space station, head straight to the Sickbay clinic. Ellie is standing at the front reception desk, engaged in a heated discussion with a nurse.

Speak to Ellie and she’ll explain that she needs help getting to her friend Jessie, who’s sequestered inside and seems to not want to come out. This initiates the quest “Worst Contact”, which points you inside of the facility behind a Restricted Access barrier.

How to Complete “Worst Contact”

In order to complete “Worst Contact” and unlock Ellie as a permanent companion, you’ll need to break into the interior of the Sickbay facility and get Jessie out of hiding. You can sneak in the front door using the Holographic Shroud (found in your Captain’s quarters aboard the Unreliable) or you can slide in through a separate backdoor found near the Rest-N-Go.

Once you meet Jessie, she’ll explain that she’s a career thief in severe debt to Udom Bedford, the same guy who impounded your ship when you first arrived on the Groundbreaker station. He’s apparently sent a hitman after her, and she won’t leave hiding until the hitman is taken care of. Luckily, you won’t actually have to fight anybody here, and you can simply stroll on over to the Halcyon embassy to chat things out with Udom.

There are multiple directions you can take the conversation here, but the easiest and quickest is by having a Persuasion skill of 20, which allows you to convince Udom to cancel the hit and forgive Jessie’s debts by indenturing her to servitude.

Regardless of how you settle this, you’ll ultimately return to Jessie and let her know that she’s safe (for the moment). Jessie will meet you back at the front reception area where Ellie was originally found, and Ellie will reward you for completing “Worst Contact” by becoming a party member.

Now that you know how to unlock Ellie in The Outer Worlds, it’s time to get out there and saw some bones. Meanwhile, stick around for more The Outer Worlds guides.

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