The Outer Worlds Companion Overview and Locations

Want to know where to find the different companions in The Outer Worlds? Here's where they are and what they have to offer.

Each of the companions in The Outer Worlds is different from the last, with all six of them bringing their own special abilities and bonuses to aid you in combat as well as benign quest tasks.

The Outer Worlds allows you to recruit every companion, but you can only bring two of them with you when you leave your ship. Two companions are enough for a fair amount of party customization at a time, as their abilities play a large part in combat.

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Companion: Parvati

the Outer Worlds companion, Parvati

Parvati is likely the first companion to join your party in The Outer Worlds. You will find her as part of the main questline in Edgewater; she will join you temporarily in the "Stranger in a Strange Land" quest and join up with you permanently after you finish the quest.

Parvati's special attack is an AoE blast where she slams her weapon down on the targeted spot. It sends out a blast wave that shocks enemies and knocks them over, stunning them if they are automechanicals.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Parvati is in your party, you get increases to your Engineering, Persuade, and Lockpick skills. She also has these unique perks to unlock:

  • Bonus Support Engineering: Adds +10 to your Engineering skill.
  • Mod Finder: 10% higher chance of finding mods in loot.
  • Synchronicity: Grants 25% more Tactical Time Dilation.

Companion: Vicar Max

Vicar Max

You'll also find Max in Edgewater; Parvati even suggests that you go speak with him after you meet her. Speak with Max, and he will send you on a quest called "The Illustrated Manual." Complete it, and he will offer to join you.

Vicar Max's special attack has him study his target before "spiritually enlightening" them with his shotgun. It can knock enemies down and makes the target weaker to special damage like shock and plasma.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Vicar Max is in your party, he will grant you increases to your Intimidate, Hack, and Science skills. He also has these perks to unlock:

  • Bonus Support Hack: Grants +10 to your hack skill.
  • Sermon: Adds 20% to combat dialogue effect durations.
  • Mad Max: Increases science weapon damage by 20%.

Companion: Ellie


You'll find Ellie onboard the Groundbreaker. Head to the Medical Bay, and she'll be arguing with the clerk inside. Complete the quest "Worst Contact" and she'll offer to join your team.

Ellie's special attack has her firing several precision attacks on the enemy. This can cause bleeding and disarm your foes.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Ellie is in your party, she will grant bonuses to your Lie, Medical, and Engineering skills. She also has these unique perks:

  • Bonus Support Medical: Adds +10 to your Medical stat.
  • First Responder: Medical Inhaler is 20% more effective.
  • CPR: An attack that would cause fatal damage instead heals for 25% of the damage. CPR has a five-minute cooldown.

Companion: Felix


The first people you encounter when you board the Groundbreaker will be arguing. One of these people attacked someone with a tossball stick. That's Felix.

After speaking with them, go through the questline on the Groundbreaker until your ship is released. When you return to your ship to leave, Felix will be standing outside and offer to come aboard.

Felix's special attack causes him to charge his enemies and dropkick them.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Felix is in your party, he will grant you a bonus to your Persuade, Sneak, and Lockpick skills. He also has these unique perks:

  • Bonus Support Persuade: Adds +10 to your Persuade skill.
  • Bootlickers!: Increases damage to cowering enemies by 20%.
  • Rebellion: Increases damage to corporate enemies.

Companion: Nyoka


You'll find this hard-drinking merc inside The Yacht Club bar in Monarch. She's too drunk to help you when you first encounter her but will sober up if you complete the quest "Passion Pills". After, she will offer to join you.

Nyoka's special attack has her unleash her machine gun on enemies, decreasing their armor and setting them on fire.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Nyoka is in your party, she will grant you a bonus to your Lie, Sneak, and Medical skills. She also has these perks:

  • Bonus Support Lie: Adds +10 to your Lie skill.
  • Hunter: Decreases the radius of your footsteps being heard by 20%.
  • Exterminator: Grants bonus damage against creature enemies.

Companion: SAM

The Outer Worlds companion, SAM

Your robotic janitor, SAM, is found on the top floor of your ship, the Unreliable. He is stuffed in a closet; interact with the automechanical, and you will activate a quest called "The Cleaning Machine." Complete this quest and SAM will join you.

SAM's special attack is an AoE that knocks down and deals acid damage to foes.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If SAM is in your party, they grant bonuses to your Intimidate, Hack, and Science skills. They also have these unlockable perks:

  • Bonus Support Intimidate: Adds +10 to your Intimidate skill.
  • Cleaner: Reduces the negative reputation effect of killing members of a faction by 20%.
  • Bad Samaritan: Deal increased damage to automechanicals.


There you have it, everything you need to know to recruit all six of the companions available in The Outer Worlds. Bring your companions along to help you hack terminals, talk your way out of trouble, and defeat your enemies! Improve their skills to create an unstoppable team. 

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Published Nov. 26th 2019

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