The Sandbox Evolution fairy tale level guide

Looking for an excellent player-created level? We show you how to unlock all the secrets of the Fairy Tale world!

Looking for an excellent player-created level? We show you how to unlock all the secrets of the Fairy Tale world!
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Between official campaigns and user generated worlds, the sheer number of levels available in The Sandbox Evolution is staggering, and they are of vastly differing quality and difficulty.

Some are cake walks barely worth playing, while others will have you steaming mad searching for any way to get past exceedingly hard challenges. One of your earliest missions will be to complete a player created level, but the question is: which one?

If you want a high quality level with interesting mechanics that isn’t impossible to figure out, I recommend starting with the Fairy Tale level, which offers up a Mario Bros. platforming style and even a few secrets to uncover.

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Fairy Tale starts you off right in front of a lake with an island. Feel free to immediately jump onto the middle island without fear of danger, as the creatures there aren’t aggressive (have fun frolicking among the cows and squirrels).

The fish in the lake below, on the other hand, will attack you, so avoid them at all costs. Since you only have two health for the duration of the level, don’t get too close to those dastardly trout.

To reach the sunken underwater chest, jump on the island and then drop down off the right side and immediately sink to the chest. After opening it and grabbing all the loot, there are two ways to get past the evil fish. The first is to jump back onto the island from the left side and wait for the fish to approach close, then jump over him and swim to the right.

Grabbing a bunch of goodies from the sunken chest

The second method is to stay underwater (watch your breath indicator though, as you can drown!) and wait for a proper gap in your enemies. It’s time to move just as the right hand fish has just turned around and started swimming away again but before the left hand fish reaches you. Jump over the right fish and hop out of the water onto the bank.

To proceed to the next area, don’t go through the bottom layer of the level where you can see a heart and an acid pit. That way is very likely to get you killed, as there are bears on either side who will both run straight towards you when you come within sight.

With an acid pit in the middle, it’s a foregone conclusion what will happen if you go that direction from the beginning (although you will have to go through later if you plan on fully completing every aspect of the level).

You’re not Leo going for an Oscar, so don’t risk it with the bear.

Instead of taking the bottom route, you’ll want to head up to the top section for a safer journey. Double jump to the ledge with the slime, but time your jump so he’s just moved away from you, giving you time to reach the ledge and then jump over the slime (or on top of him to get an extra coin). 

Timing is crucial here, as even tapping the small edge of the slime will knock out a heart. You can then either jump to right to continue towards the end of level, or to the left to reach a secret locked area. 

If you are going to the platform on the left, first jump up to get the killer plant to fire off a projectile towards you. As soon as the missile passes overhead, double jump and be sure to land on the plant’s head to kill it. If you misjudge and go left or right you’ll end up taking damage instead.

Timing jumps to kill plants

On the far left side of the map you’ll find a locked gate you can’t double jump over, where there’s a princess above a toadstool castle guarded by bats. How mysterious… By the way, the sign is German for “Free the princess from the tower and win her heart.”

Princess, toadstool, castle…

You can’t proceed any further without a key for that bridge, so head back the way you came. On the right hand side of the slime you avoided earlier, jump over the second slime and up onto the ledge.

Obviously don’t fall in the middle of the chasm here – you’ll hit a pit of acid. Instead, jump to the right and land on the first spitting flower to neutralize that threat before he can spit on you. You may want to quickly double jump and take out the second flower on the next platform as well. 

The middle section is a no-go for anyone who can’t breath acid

Remember that locked door you couldn’t open? The key is on the ground floor to the right of the bear and is guarded by a swift moving wolf. You can’t kill him with your jump, so you’ll have to time your movement to survive.

Wait for him to get close, jump over him, and rush over quickly to grab the key and then immediately jump back up to the ledge. Chances are you will get hit anyway, but so long as you are at full health you’ll still live.

Bears, wolves, acid.. what kind of fairy tale realm is this?

Getting back across to the locked door is difficult, as you can’t jump all the way up to the chasm and will have to go a much more dangerous route blocked by bears.

There’s a trick to employ here: see how long the bears are? If you land on their heads with your jump, you can actually jump again without taking any damage. So long as you go straight from the right bear’s head over the acid pit to the left bear, you can actually make it back across without taking any damage.

Another tactic is to wait for the right bear to move all the way towards the wolf, then sneak past him to jump across the acid. At most you,’ll only taken one damage from the left bear. From there, return to the floating platform and unlock the door.

Careful when entering the castle section though, as the bats will kill you quickly, so double jump on the mushroom to reach the princess!

As it turns out, the princess is NOT in another castle!

With that little secret taken care of, return to the far right side of the map again using the top route as you did earlier. Just jump over the second flower and past the area with the wolf to hit the end.

If you haven’t beaten another player created level yet, you will unlock a mission achievement and get a bunch of bonus mana to spend on new campaigns or world building elements.

Congratulations on reaching the end!

That’s all you need to know to fully explore the entire Fairy Tale level. Let us know when you get around to beating it, and be sure to give the level creator a rating if you enjoyed playing through the world.

Did you figure out any interesting ways to beat the level we didn’t notice? Feel free to share any tips you have discovered on getting through those ravenous bears and wolves that stand in the way of rescuing the princess.

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