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The Talos Principle 2: Desolate Island Redshift Puzzle Solution

Learn how to shift light beams with the help of two robots in The Talos Principle 2.

Desolate Island’s puzzles give you helping hands with more robots to control, but this can also create some quandaries as you try to coordinate them. Here’s how to solve the zone’s seventh puzzle, Redshift, in The Talos Principle 2

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How to Solve Redshift in The Talos Principle 2 

This puzzle combines platforms, fans, and two robots, which make for an interesting challenge. With two barriers blocking the path to the progress wheel, you’ll need your robots to collaborate by carrying each other to hard-to-reach spaces and aligning light beams at the right time. Here’s how. 

Get the Connector 

Pick up the platform on the ground, and stand on the pressure plate found on the left side of the room. This will turn on the fan next to you. From here, make sure you’re also facing the other robot nearby and take control of them. For this guide, we’ll call them Robot #2.

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Bring Robot #2 over to the fan. While hovering in the air, jump onto the platform Robot #1 is holding. Now take control of Robot #1. Walk to the opposite side of the puzzle to an elevated platform with a Connector. Position yourself up against the platform. 

Shift control to Robot #2 again. You should be close enough to grab the Connector. At this point, I thought I could link the tool to the red light ahead and place it back on the platform, but the metal grates blocked the beam. This solution requires more movement or shifting than previous ones, hence the name. 

Select Light Connections 

From here, you can hop down to the ground. With the Connector in hand, link it to the following:

  • Blue and red light sources.
  • Blue and red receivers. 

Set the Connector anywhere on the ground. Your light beams won’t work yet. But they will after you get your robots positioned properly. 

Set the Connector on the Robot’s Platform 

Shift control back to Robot #1, who’s still holding a platform. Walk them back over to the pressure plate to turn the fan on. Now, you can take control of Robot #2 and pick up the Connector, but be sure to keep your connections.

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Use the fan to gain elevation and place the Connector on Robot #1’s platform. From this angle, the blue light beam and receiver will open the first barrier

Shift Light Beams 

As Robot #2, walk to the newly opened area. From here, shift control back to Robot #1. Then, move to the other side of the level. This breaks the blue beams, which made me second-guess this solution. But I realized I didn’t need that first barrier unlocked since Robot #2 was already on the other side of it. 

Instead, position Robot #1 so that the Connector can link to the red light source and the red receiver. For me, the perfect spot was just in front of the pillar between the metal grates and the concrete walls. 

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This opens the last barrier. Finally, retake control of Robot #2 and place your hand on the progress wheel to complete the puzzle. 

That’s our complete guide to solving Redshift in The Talos Principle 2. For more tips, such as how to solve the Rainbow puzzle or Wellspring puzzle in the Flooded Valley, check out our TTP2 guides hub

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