The Talos Principle 2: How to Return to New Jerusalem

Here's how and when you can return to the capital city in The Talos Principle 2.

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There’s a massive city filled with robots, though you might be wondering when and how you’d be able to go back. Our guide discusses how to return to New Jerusalem in The Talos Principle 2.

How to Return to New Jerusalem in The Talos Principle 2

You can return to New Jerusalem in The Talos Principle 2 upon reaching Act 3: Prometheus Bound. Don’t worry since I won’t spoil all the major details. Instead, I’ll summarize what you can expect from your visit to the capital.

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Your First Visit to New Jerusalem

Once you arrive at New Jerusalem, you’ll be greeted by a sprawling city that’s home to all the robots that have been created in the millennia since the events of the first game. After attending a briefing, you’re told to board the VTOL aircraft to head to the expedition area. However, it’s also possible to explore New Jerusalem first. Here are the things that you can do initially:

  • Meet and talk to various NPCs.
  • Check out the landmarks and sites.
  • Sign a petition.
  • Solve a few puzzles in the museum.

The moment you board the VTOL aircraft, you’ll be taken to the mysterious island. One of the expedition members also remarks that flying through a storm has used up more fuel than expected, though the aircraft would still have enough for the return journey. I was definitely surprised when this happened, since I realized that I wouldn’t be able to go back to the capital for quite some time.

The Next Time You Return to New Jerusalem

Eventually, you do get to return to New Jerusalem in The Talos Principle 2. As I mentioned earlier, this happens during Act 3: Prometheus Bound. Here’s a quick summary:

  • You’ll need to activate the tower cannons by completing puzzles in the eastern quadrant.
  • After that, you’ll solve the first set of Megastructure puzzles.
  • You’ll then need to tackle the puzzle objectives in the northern quadrant.
  • That leads you to the second set of Megastructure puzzles.
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When you’re done with the Megastructure puzzles, you’ll have to do a certain task, which then leads you back to the VTOL. It will fly you and the team back to New Jerusalem, where you’ll be able to explore it once more.

Just bear in mind that you’ll be asked to board the VTOL so you can fly back to the mysterious island. As usual, you won’t be able to revisit New Jerusalem until you’re done with a bunch of puzzle objectives.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to return to New Jerusalem in The Talos Principle 2. If you’re just starting out, you might want to learn about how to fast travel, how to find puzzles/secrets in zones, and how to skip puzzles completely. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Talos 2 guides hub.

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