Here are the three best beginner builds for both solo and team modes in Fallout 76.

The Three Best Beginner Builds in Fallout 76

Here are the three best beginner builds for both solo and team modes in Fallout 76.
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Fallout 76 is finally coming out in its full form, and if you didn’t have the chance to try the game out during the beta test, then you will probably have a hard time getting to know all the perk cards available in the game from the start.

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Having a plan before playing such a complex game as Fallout 76 is essential for effective survival gameplay. Fortunately, you can use helpful resources, such as Nukes and Dragons to pre-construct your SPECIAL builds and figure out beforehand which cards you want to use in your builds.

If you need help figuring out a powerful build for your first playthrough of Fallout 76, then follow our guide below for the three best beginner builds.

Best Strength Build

The first most logical build you can go for in Fallout 76 is the Strength build, which will give you a lot of APs to play with and a decent number of defense mechanisms.

At the heart of this build you will find three main perks: Strength, Endurance, and Agility. Strength will give you power to weild and damage opponents with melee weapons, while Endurance will let you withstand damage. Lastly, Agility is needed to create enough stamina for you to use during combat.

Here is a complete breakdown of the Strength build for Fallout 76:

  • Strength (15)
    • Gladiator (3)
    • Slugger (3)
    • Shotgunner (3)
    • Pack Rat (3)
    • Basher (1)
    • Sturdy Frame (2)
  • Perception (3)
    • Skeet Shooter (3)
  • Endurance (15)
    • Iron Stomach (3)
    • Natural Resistance (3)
    • Vaccinated (3)
    • Professional Drinker (3)
    • Hydrofix (2)
    • Aquaboy/Aquagirl (1)
  • Charisma (5)
    • Bodyguards (4)
    • Team Medic (1)
  • Intelligence (3)
    • First Aid (3)
  • Agility (9)
    • Action Boy/Girl (3)
    • Born Survivor (3)
    • Dodgy (3)
  • Luck (6)
    • Serendipity (3)
    • Junk Shield (3)

Best Agility Build

Strength is a powerful perk, but having a ton of APs and Luck can also bring some amazing results in the form of this Agility-based build. It is focused mainly on giving a massive advantage to your VATS and reducing any harmful effects that may come from either physical damage or radiation.

This build requires you to carry a good weapon, as it will significantly increase both the targeting precision and the critical hit chance. You can choose to become a very effective sniper or a gunner with the help of this build, so be sure to invest in all these cards if you are interested in this playstyle.

Here is a complete breakdown of the Agility build for Fallout 76:

  • Strength (5)
    • Pack Rat (3)
    • Sturdy Frame (2)
  • Perception (6)
    • Concentrated Fire (3)
    • Crack Shot (3)
  • Endurance (6)
    • Radicool (1)
    • Ghoulish (1)
    • Iron Clad (4)
  • Charisma (4)
    • Lone Wanderer (4)
  • Intelligence (5)
    • Gunsmith (5)
  • Agility (15)
    • Action Boy/Girl (3)
    • Adrenaline (1)
    • Gun Fu (3)
    • Gunslinger (1)
    • Expert Gunslinger (1)
    • Master Gunslinger (1)
    • Evasive (3)
    • Gun Runner (2)
  • Luck (15)
    • Four Leaf Clover (3)
    • Grim Reaper’s Sprint (3)
    • Critical Savvy (3)
    • Better Criticals (3)
    • Class Freak (3)

Best Charisma Build

Many players would argue why would they need to play a Charisma build. But this is the type of build that is perfect for players who want to play a support role in their team. So, if you like to play in co-op, then opt for this excellent Charisma build, which also has a huge pool of APs due to several well-chosen Agility perks.

The most important perk card in this entire list is Team Medic, which fully heals your other team members when using stimpaks. This is highly important when your team gets engaged in a PvP combat, and in case the opposing team doesn’t have a support player, then it will surely lose.

Here is a complete breakdown of the Charisma build for Fallout 76:

  • Strength (3)
    • Sturdy Frame (2)
    • Strong Back (1)
  • Perception (7)
    • Crack Shot (3)
    • Sniper (1)
    • Concentrated Fire (3)
  • Endurance (5)
    • Ironclad (5)
  • Charisma (15)
    • Team Medic (3)
    • Suppressor (3)
    • Tenderizer (3)
    • Quack Surgeon (1)
    • Squad Maneuvers (2)
    • Rad Sponge (1)
    • Magnetic Personality (2)
  • Intelligence (10)
    • Gunsmith (5)
    • Scrapper (1)
    • First Aid (3)
    • Pharmacist (1)
  • Agility (14)
    • Adrenaline (5)
    • Gunslinger (1)
    • Expert Gunslinger (1)
    • Master Gunslinger (1)
    • White Knight (3)
    • Gun Runner (2)
    • Marathoner (1)
  • Luck (2)
    • Luck of the Draw (2)

With the help of each of these three excellent Fallout 76 beginner builds, you will be able to explore the vast map of West Virginia either in solo mode or provide a real support for your teammates in co-op. Also, be sure to come back soon for even more Fallout 76 guides here at GameSkinny!

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