2B with the Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Blindfoldless mod.
Image via GameBanana

Top 10 Best Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Mods

If you want to enjoy Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising even more, these mods are worth your time.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising has a lot to it, but there’s even more player-made content to enjoy. Just like every other fighting game, a mountain of mods are available. Here’s my ranking of the top 10 best Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising mods.

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What are the 10 Best Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Mods?

10. Princess Peach Charlotta

Charlotta from Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising with a Princess Peach costume mod.
Image via GameBanana

A majority of the mods for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising make adjustments to character visuals. True to its name, Princess Peach Charlotta turns the tiny captain of the Holy Knights into the beloved princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. As a fan of both characters, this is certainly a favorite mod of mine.

9. Main Menu Art (Female Ver.)

Custom Djeeta background art from the Main Menu Art Female Version mod.
Image via GameBanana

From the same creator as the previous mod comes Main Menu Art (Female Version). Although there are a ton of illustrations for the main menu, this mod switches them all up with new ones centered around the female cast. I always appreciate the opportunity to customize, even if it’s for something as simple as background art, which is why I’ve enjoyed this mod. The creator has mentioned plans on making one for the male cast as well, which I am looking forward to.

8. Zeta as Jill Stingray (VA-11 HALL-A)

Zeta in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising with a costume mod based on Jill from VA-11 Hall-A.
Image via NexusMods

Fans of VA-11 Hall-A will likely want to try out Zeta as Jill Stingray. As the name implies, this provides Zeta with a costume that looks like the protagonist of the bartending-themed visual novel. I can’t deny I was surprised to see a mod for a favorite character of mine, even though the game was popular on release. It’s a simple mod that makes me happy to play knowing the inspiration.

7. Steve for Gran

Gran's Catastrophe Super Skybound Art in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising with a Minecraft Steve mod.
Image via GameBanana

It wouldn’t feel like a proper modding scene if there wasn’t something Minecraft-related, which is where Steve for Gran comes in. This mod takes the model for Gran and replaces it with the blocky mascot Steve. A lot of the games I’ve played have had some form of this character in them and this is no different. It certainly looks silly, but I’ve had a ton of fun beating up anime-visual characters as Steve from Minecraft.

6. Anila – Terry Bogard Costume

Anile with the Anila Terry Bogard Costume mod in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.
Image via GameBanana

Sometimes the idea for a modded character is due to them having similar movesets with another. This is the basis for the Anila Terry Bogard Costume mod since she shares some memorable moves with the South Town hero from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. The outfit is specifically based on the female version of the character from the SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy spin-off game, but it’s still undeniably Terry Bogard.

5. Blindfoldless 2B

2B without her blindfold on, thanks to the Blindfoldless 2B mod.
Image via GameBanana

Some characters change form during battle while others lose pieces of clothing as they take damage. When it comes to guest fighter 2B from the Nier Automata series, she can lose her skirt and/or blindfold. 

Blindfoldless 2B circumvents any requirements and allows players to fight from the start without her iconic headwear. It’s a change that I’ve really enjoyed, as I haven’t needed to use her self-destruct Super Skybound Art or have a close round to lose the blindfold.

4. Vira Always Armored

A Vira intro with her Lumineira form thanks to the Vira Always Armored mod.
Image via GameBanana

Speaking of character cosmetic changes that need to be triggered, Vira has a temporary install state that she can transform into. If you love the look of her Lumineira form, you’ll have a great time playing with the Vira Always Armored mod. She’ll look like she’s in her enhanced state from round start to end.

I do want to specify that this is, of course, only a cosmetic change though. I still need to land her Blade of Light command grab or Luminiera Merge Skybound Art in a round to properly enter the state and enjoy its benefits. This did not provide me with any advantages in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising besides being happy that my fighter looked cool the entire time.

3. Alternate In-Game Portraits (+BattlePassCostumes)

Two custom portraits from the alternate in-game portraits mod.
Image via GameBanana

Alternate In-Game Portraits is a great mod if you’ve ever wanted to change the small character visuals in the corners during a fight. It allows you to use alternate illustrations for the character portraits, such as those based on the battle pass costumes. My favorite part of this mod is that it uses the official art that you can change on the character select screen. I highly recommend this if you’re like me and prefer these little icons to match your fighter looks.

2. GBVSR Potato Mod

Gran vs Narmaya in the GBVSR Potato Mod.
Image via GameBanana

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising is a pretty game to look at, but some players might have trouble running it on their PCs. Those with lower-end builds will want to try out the GBVSR Potato Mod. It accomplishes this by reducing the background assets. Although my desktop runs the game fine, I’ve been especially thankful for this when playing on a laptop. I certainly prefer when everything looks as pretty as possible, but a stable framerate is a bigger priority for me.

1. Extra Costumes Patch

Anila on the Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising character select screen with two different modded costumes.
Image via GameBanana

With all of the new modded outfits, it’ll help to have more space for them. The Extra Costumes Patch adds additional costume slots for every character. Those interested in creating their own mods will be sure to enjoy this, but anyone looking to play with more options can have fun too. I’ve used it with many of the custom costumes above so that I’m not limited to just one per character. Considering how much work has been put into this mod, there’s no way I couldn’t put it in first.

That’s my ranking of the top 10 best Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising mods. If you’d like to see more fighting game custom content, check out our list of the best Street Fighter 6 mods.

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