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Top 10 Funniest Baldur’s Gate 3 Moments

Nothing like a few hilarious scenes to ease the tension of the main story. Here are our Top 10 funniest Baldur's Gate 3 moments.

With such a grim dark story, characters, and quests, BG3 surprisingly has a lot of comedy woven into it. There are shorter scenes with hilarious quips and longer ones where I found myself genuinely giggling. Here are my personal top 10 funniest Baldur’s Gate 3 moments.

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Top 10 Funniest Moments in Baldur’s Gate 3

10. Flying Gnome

I have to start this list with a classic that made me snicker. Though unfortunately, it didn’t end well for our dear Barcus Wroot. You first meet him in the Blighted Village tied to an active Windmill.

Admittedly, I tried to help him but pulled the wrong level and sent him flying across the village. I reloaded a save since I couldn’t stand losing someone I rescued, but couldn’t help but laugh when I learned Gnomes could fly. Weeeee!

flying gnome in baldurs gate 3
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9. The Barn

In the same area, there’s a barn with strangely familiar thumping sounds emanating from it. Honestly, I didn’t catch on as fast since I played through the scene late at night and was quite tired.

Enter me wanting to check out what was making that sound, only to find a perfectly reasonable scene of two love birds getting frisky. I later learned that the scene is much more hilarious if you have Karlach in your party and send her to open the doors of the Barn.

8. Commander Lightfeather

This one’s much later in the game and requires you to have the Speak With Animals spell. Talking to this vigilant pigeon reveals he’s actually Commander Lightfeather taking his job as a carrier pigeon very seriously. In fact, he can hire you to investigate the curious case of missing pigeons.

This one gave me a chuckle, and to this day I’m thankful for my Fey Patron Warlock. There are many other great Speak with Animals moments in BG3, too.

commander lightheart the pigeon in baldurs gate 3
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7. Premature Reveals

This funny Baldur’s Gate 3 moment is just before Auntie Ethel’s Teahouse with Gandrel the Monster Hunter. You’ll need to have Astarion in your party. If you figured out that Astarion is a vampire, you can tell Gandrel that Astarion is the vampire he’s hunting.

The absolute shock factor and the flabbergasted “WHAT!?!” from both of them made me chuckle harder than it should have. Of course, I backed up my vampire bro by telling Gandrel he’s not taking Astarion anywhere and iced the fool. But to this day, I don’t think Astarion will forgive me for that premature reveal.

6. Giving Shadowheart a Night Orchid

This one’s more wholesome than funny. It involves developing a relationship with Shadowheart and learning that her favorite flower is the Night Orchid. Fast forward to the Shadow-Cursed Lands, where you can pick a Night Orchid and offer it to Shadowheart as a gift. Her “Are you crazy?!? Those are poisonous, lol, jk” genuinely amused me as a sort of the perfect dad joke.

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5. Polymorphing Bosses into Sheep

To me, there’s almost nothing funnier than interrupting diabolical and generally serious villains mid monologue in the TTRPG version of D&D 5e. I was slightly disappointed when I learned that Larian nerfed the Polymorph spell in BG3, but one crucial use I found for it was exactly for this comedic factor.

I really like using it on my Sorcerer with the Heightened Spell Metamagic to turn big bads into sheep when they’re feeling all high and mighty. Hello, Sheep Cazador: aren’t you a cute little fluffy critter now?

4. Detective Cat

If you’ve come across Malta in the Lower City Central Wall of Baldur’s Gate 3, I hope you’ve brought the Speak with Animals spell in any shape or form. Talking to this LA Noire cat has been nothing short of hilarious.

This tiny little hardboiled detective describes the grim side of Baldur’s Gate and even tries to rope us in, their fellow main character, into a story of crime and intrigue. Two heroes against the world, enacting justice for those unable to seek their own. I love Malta.

3. Kuo Toa Worship

You can become Kuo Toa’s very own god in the Underdark. This is another one of those scenes that’s not necessarily hilarious but exceptionally amusing to me. What’s funnier than a race of fish people worshipping you for defending them against a bigger fish?

kuo toa worshipping the player in baldurs gate 3
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2. Astarion Calls Us Weirdos

This is one of those smaller scenes and more of a funny quip. It’s when Astarion calls your party a bunch of weirdos at the carnival. Granted, the scene involves a complex contextual background with shapeshifters and villains, but Astarion himself calling your group weirdos is just so rich. The scene is even better when you all have clown makeup on.

1. Vlaakith’s Portrait

I saved the most juvenile funny moment for last. One of my greatest art pieces was when I painted the classic mustache, beard, and monocle on the portrait of Vlaakith in the middle of a Githyanki creche.

Some of my best work. Lae’Zel disagrees, but I felt completely justified later when I learned that Vlaakith insta-kills you for disagreeing with her. Also, waving politely at her while everyone else bows was also comedy gold for my juvenile mind.

Those are my top 10 funniest Baldur’s Gate 3 moments. There are numerous others that deserve a spot on this list, but there’s only so much room. Granted, some of them fall into the category of dark humor with the Durge interactions, but I’m keeping those to myself. For more BG3 articles, check my list of the best Speak with Dead interactions.

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