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Top 20 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds

Explore all of the Minecraft 1.14 features in the fullest with the help of our selection of top 20 seeds.

It's taken Mojang a while to finally release the long-awaited Village and Pillage update for Minecraft 1.14. But now it's here with some brand-new seeds!

If you've been playing all of the latest Minecraft snapshots, then you already know about all of the changes in the newest update. However, if you've primarily been exploring the game's previous version, here are all the essential new things that Village and Pillage has to offer. (Note: Village and Pillage is now available on Java and PS4.)

You will find all of these new improvements, as well as a few other cool features, in this month's top selection of Minecraft seeds.

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Seed: -564777109545254

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

In this seed, you will spawn near the southern border of a desert biome, right next to a pillager post. This desert is special because it hosts an abundance of villages and desert temples.

There are about 15 villages and more than 20 temples within 2,000 square blocks. You will find them by following the river that flows through the biome.

Here are the coordinates to some of the most interesting loot spots:

  • -350, 1200
  • -1500, 500
  • -1800, 1300

Seed: -955369937199950

Coordinates: 15, -8
Biomes: Plains

This seed presents two small plains villages right at spawn, which is very convenient for any survival gameplan.

One of the villages has a ravine nearby that grants access to a number of valuable materials, such as gold and obsidian.

There are also several lava pools that will help you set up an obsidian farm if you want to build an impenetrable wall around your villages.

Seed: 458388663589165604

Coordinates: -180, -60
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Plains

Here, you will spawn on the shore of a frozen ocean. Across the vast body of water — at coordinates -1100, 500  you will find a woodland mansion standing near a village with a blacksmith.

Once inside the mansion, you can enter a secret room at coordinates -1122, 73, 488, which contains a chest with the following items:

  • 1x diamond chest plate
  • Enchanted  Knockback II

Seed: 360866234200690356

Coordinates: 64, 20
Biomes: Desert, Plains

Near this seed's spawn point, you will find two villages and two pillager posts very close to each other.

The villages can be found at coordinates:

  • 400, 100
  • -350, -200

The pillager posts are at coordinates:

  • -250, 350
  • 50, 350

There is also a desert temple at coordinates 200, 250. It has some fine loot inside:

  • 2x golden apple
  • 2x emerald
  • 1x golden horse armor
  • 2x iron horse armor
  • 6x gold ingot
  • 5x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book Power IV
  • Enchanted Book Frost Walker II

Seed: 718926700363714

Coordinates: -18, -20
Biomes: Mesa

In this seed, you will spawn in the center of a mesa biome, which has two exposed mineshafts at spawn. Both entrances are clearly visible on the surface, so you will have no trouble identifying them.

Inside the shafts, you will find natural sources of gold. Keep your eyes open and mine that treasure.

Seed: 110090173416094

Coordinates: -30, 250
Biomes: Taiga, Ice Plains

After you spawn, travel directly to the west, coordinates -800, 200. There, you will find a huge village with a large number of buildings occupying both the ice plains and the taiga biomes.

You will find plenty of chests inside the houses, although they mostly contain food. However, there are also several farms and a campfire in the area; there is also an iron golem circling the perimeter.

Seed: 377604558480976

Coordinates: -150, 200
Biomes: Swampland, Forest

When you spawn, go south toward the swampland biome. At coordinates 70, 520 you will see a village in the water. Some of the buildings also stretch out into the surrounding forest biome.

Near one of the buildings at coordinates 97, 645, you will find an entrance to a mineshaft that holds a chest with a golden apple.

Seed: 12596932457644089

Coordinates: 30, 76
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Ocean

In this seed, you will spawn on the ocean shore. Travel north, across a narrow channel, toward coordinates -750, -500.

There you will find a survival island with a woodland mansion standing right in the middle.

It's a really odd placement for such a huge structure, but that is why this Minecraft seed is so cool in the first place.

Seed: -410993389027937

Coordinates: 200, -100
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

This seed has a savanna village at spawn! The village's buildings are scattered across the hillside. There is also a ravine nearby.

At coordinates 200, 1050, you will find another village on the desert island, and at coordinates 280, 680, you will see a desert temple by the ocean shore. It will have the following loot inside:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 8x emerald
  • 1x golden horse armor
  • 3x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot

Seed: -4972447327611384006

Coordinates: -240, 216
Biomes: Swampland, Forest

You will spawn in a forest near a small village at coordinates -450, -400. It is located under the hill, so it is very well hidden. There are only a few buildings in the village.

After looting the village, travel to coordinates -700, 200, where you will find a pillager post overseeing three biomes: swampland, wooded hills, and forest. Inside the chest at the top of the tower, you will find a crossbow.

Seed: -624519617182633

Coordinates: 28, 208
Biomes: Desert, Plains

In this seed, you will spawn at the ocean shore. There are four villages within 1,000 blocks of the spawn point. Just follow the shoreline south, and you will find all four settlements, each in a different biome.

Most of the villages are rather small, but that doesn't make them any less valuable for a true survivalist.

Here are the coordinates to all four villages:

  1. -450, 200
  2. -1200, 250
  3. -1400, 550
  4. -1000, 1050

Seed: -008084164000631

Coordinates: 172, 252
Biomes: Desert, Jungle

In this seed, you will spawn in a desert biome with a temple nearby. Travel north, to coordinates -500, 200. There you will see another temple in the hills.

Together, both of these temples hold the following loot:

  • 4x golden apple
  • 1x diamond
  • 8x emerald
  • 1x gold horse armor
  • 3x iron horse armor
  • 8x gold ingot
  • Enchanted Book Efficiency V
  • Enchanted Book Bane of Arthropods III

Further to the north, you will find a jungle pyramid at coordinates -800, 400. It has the following loot:

  • 1x gold horse armor
  • 15x gold ingot
  • 13x iron ingot

Seed: 434341581071435

Coordinates: 120, 220
Biomes: Plains, Extreme Hills

Here, you will find a village with a blacksmith at spawn! Since Mojang has cut the chance of naturally-generated smithies, it's getting harder and harder to find one, making this a great seed.

On top of the smithy, there is also a small herd of brown llamas hanging out nearby. Of course, there is also a treasure chest, which contains:

  • 1x gold horse armor
  • 5x iron ingot
  • 1x iron helmet
  • 1x iron pickaxe

Seed: -648792999683420414

Coordinates: -40, 30
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

This seed has two small villages not too far from the spawn point. The coordinates are:

  • 150, -150
  • 200, 250

The latter village even has a blacksmith.

After you are done there, travel to the northwest, to coordinates -1250, -750, for a woodland mansion that stands on the triple frontier of plains, roofed forest, and birch forest biomes.

Seed: 310513503990692

Coordinates: -60, -300
Biomes: Forest, Savanna

This seed has another hybrid village that spawns on two biomes, forest and savanna, at coordinates 100, -450.

There is no smithy in the village, but under the river flowing nearby, you will find an abandoned mineshaft with a couple of good chests at coordinates 140, 15, -200. Inside you will find:

  • 2x redstone dust
  • 3x golden horse armor
  • Enchanted Book - Unbreaking II

Seed: 105650780

Coordinates: -200, -200
Biomes: Taiga

In this seed, you will spawn close to a hilltop village, which located near a deep ravine at coordinates -200, -900.

The ravine leads to a huge cave system that spreads in several directions. One of them will lead you straight into an abandoned mineshaft.

But be careful: the entrance into the mineshaft is protected by a lava waterfall.

Seed: -111949718892852193

Coordinates: -170, 20
Biomes: Roofed Forest

Here, you will spawn just a couple of hundred blocks away from a massive woodland mansion that stands at coordinates -600, 300.

Despite the size of the structure, there is only one chest in the entire building. It can be found at coordinates -614, 76, 300. Inside the chest, you will find a golden apple.

Seed: -985860317167910

Coordinates: 300, -300
Biomes: Jungle

In this seed, you will spawn at the northern edge of a jungle biome that hosts a suprising number of jungle pyramids — especially for Minecraft 1.14.

In fact, there are three jungle pyramids at the following coordinates:

  1. 50, 250
  2. -300, -200
  3. -700, 100

There are quite a few treasure chests inside them, some of which hold some excellent loot, including:

  • 2x diamond
  • 3x emerald
  • 22x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot

Seed: -460536223694414

Coordinates: 126, -292
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

Right after you spawn, follow the southern path. At coordinates 10, 250, you will find your first village at the savanna biome.

If you travel even further, you will see another village with a desert temple at coordinates 350, 800.

The temple has an especially good collection of valuables, such as:

  • 6x diamond
  • 1x enhcanted golden apple
  • 3x emerald
  • 2x iron horse armor
  • 6x gold ingot
  • 2x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book Smite I

Seed: 479212586754455984

Coordinates: 72, -232
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

In this seed, you will spawn near a tiny village that has just a couple of buildings. It is located to the southwest of a forest biome that accommodates a woodland mansion at coordinates 550, -750.

On the ground floor, you will find a secret room with a chest at coordinates 533, 71, -791. That contains two golden apples.


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