Vera Orienteering is live in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how the limited-time event works.

Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering Event Guide

Vera Orienteering is live in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how the limited-time event works.

The 2.0 update to the Tower of Fantasy global client is likely bringing the Vera zone with it. In preparation for the massive patch, the Vera Orienteering event is live until October 7.

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While we don’t know if Vera itself releases then, the event is live now and comes with some juicy rewards. Consisting of three distinct phases with increasingly challenging requirements, you’ll be able to earn plenty of upgrade materials and gacha currency by participating. Here’s the lowdown.

The Vera Orienteering Event Explained

For the event duration, you’ll have the opportunity to earn two core currencies: Warp Energy Cells and Proofs of Contribution. Energy Cells currently come primarily from defeating event-specific enemy types and opening chests. Proofs of Contribution are earned by turning in Warp Energy Cells and completing event-specific objectives.

Warp Energy Cell collection is shared across your entire server, so you won’t be doing all the work, but you should try to contribute as much as you can so everyone benefits.

Phase One of Vera Orienteering

Vera Orienteering is a three-phase event; right now, only the first two phases are available. The two objectives of Phase One, Entrusted Investigation, are easy enough.

  • Defeat five Hyena thugs. You can find at least a few of these at almost any small Stronghold in the Astra region. Defeat five of them for 600 Proofs of Contribution.
  • Use password chips to unlock three password chests. The chests can be of any rarity, though you’ll probably want to use your yellow keys, as the world bosses in Vera will use a different item to unlock their rewards. Opening three chests awards 500 Proofs of Contribution.
Phase Two of Vera Orienteering

Phase Two is live, and it’s as straightforward as it is brutal. You task is to fight the Sobek and Lucia world bosses as many times as you like. Each completion awards 500 Warp Energy Cells whether you use a Type III password chip on the boss chest or instead select Force Decipher. The only difference is in the value of the other rewards.

While it is possible to take on a world boss solo, we don’t recommend it. If you don’t have other people to play with, your best bet is to open World Chat. Over the event timeframe, there are bound to be at least a few people making teams for the server using a “taxi” service.

To take a taxi ride to a boss, look for a player who says they’re fighting it in chat. Click on that player’s icon in the chat window to pull up more details about them, then click the Join Team button.

In the Team window at the top right of your screen, select the third icon down to bring up the Teleport pop up.

When prompted, teleport to your team member’s location, which, if they’r fighting the boss, will be inside the arena.

All that’s left then is to defeat the boss and claim the reward chest.

There are new missions to complete as well, which you can view in the Entrusted Investigation screen.

Select the Phase Two tab on the left to see the newly revealed missions. They are:

  • Defeat any area boss two times. This objective is simple. Simply participate in the event and fight Lucia and Sobek and you’ll be able to claim the 700 Proofs of Contribution easily.
  • Unlock three password chests with chips. As with the Phase One objective, wander about the world and unlock any password chest with a Type I, II, or III chip. If you have enough Type III chips, you can complete this step on the boss chests.
How to Use Proofs of Contribution

The amount of Proofs of Contribution you can earn is limited by the number of Warp Energy Cells you can turn in, and the number of challenges in Phase One does not increase.

As noted, Phase Two offers event-specific world bosses, and Phase Three will have event instances. These activities are likely much more repeatable than the two Phase One objectives. Completing these tasks is the easiest way to earn Proofs of Contributions, but once you finish them, they do not refresh, so spend that currency wisely.

You spend Proofs in the Journey Store, accessible from the Vera Orienteering event page.

In the store, Proofs allow you to purchase everything from Red Nuclei and gold Energy Crystal Dust to chat windows, Matrix Data Packs, and more. Some rewards are locked until new phases begin, and you’ll need to reach Level 50 to earn everything. With Phase Two giving an almost endless amount of Energy Cells, depending on how fast your server fills the event progress bar, you might be able to buy everything and have thousands left in reserve.

We’ll be sure to update this guide when the new phases unlock for Vera Orienteering, so check back once they do. In the meantime, head to our other Tower of Fantasy guides, including how to access the Eyrie Spacerift on the Artificial Islandget the Monocross Unicorn Mount, and our best Weapon tier list. Our guides hub has much more.


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