Travel Frog Item Translation Guide

Learn your way around your inventory in Travel Frog using this translation guide.

Learn your way around your inventory in Travel Frog using this translation guide.

You don’t really need all of the standard items in  Journey Frog (aka Travel Frog) translated to play the game, but knowing what you’re buying can certainly make things a little less cryptic and a lot more fun.

This guide is going to go over the items you can purchase in the shop as well as those you get from the Lottery. As discussed in my tutorial translation guide, you can equip your frog with three types of items at a time. They provide your frog with nourishment, entertainment, and shelter on his travels.

He needs food more than amulets and tools, but good amulets and tools will help him travel further and hopefully do more on his trips.


Your frog friend needs to eat just like you do, but he eats a variety of frog-specific delicacies. There’s a handful of food available in the shop, but the more rare varieties must be obtained via the Lottery.

The bagged candies are more rare than the bouro bags. Bouro are a type of round, cake-like cookie (or cookie-like cake?).

Grape Scone
Stellaria Sandwich
Pumpkin Bagel
Onion Quiche
Wormwood Focaccia
Chive Pierogi
Strawberry Candy
Lemon Candy
Grape Candy
Melon Candy

Carrot Bouro
Edamame Bouro
Burdock Bouro
Milk Bouro
Pumpkin Bouro



At the time of writing this guide, every available tool can be purchased in the shop.

Hand Towel (Earth)
Hand Towel (Camo)

 Hand Towel (Wood)
Natural Tent
High Tech Tent
Stylish Tent

Wooden Bowl

Beautiful Bowl
Lacquered Bowl
Portable Lantern



Most amulets are obtained via the Lottery. There are two exceptions: the Four-leaf Clover, which is generally obtained via your garden, and the Lucky Bell found in the shop for a whopping 3,000 Clovers.

Province Tickets will affect the direction the frog travels in, which affects the type of food he will bring back for you.

Four-leaf Clover
Blue Luck Charm
Pink Luck Charm
Red Luck Charm
Yellow Luck Charm
White Luck Charm
Eastern Province Ticket
Northern Province Ticket
Southern Province Ticket
Western Province Ticket
Lucky Bell


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