V Rising Hats Locations Guide

Uncover the locations of all hats in V Rising using our guide, which includes exact spots and prices.

Uncover the locations of all hats in V Rising using our guide, which includes exact spots and prices.

Hats in V Rising cannot be crafted, they can only be either purchased or found inside chests and during fishing. These items are very rare, and some are quite expensive.

Our guide will show you all the hat locations in V Rising. Some of the hats have guaranteed spots on the map, while others depend on your RNG and luck.

All Hats Locations in V Rising

Silverlight Hills

In the western part of the Silverlight Hills you can meet Ottar the Merchant in the Ottar’s Brighthaven Slum shop.

Here you can purchase the following hats:

  • Ashfolk Helmet (550 silver)
  • Mitre (550 silver)

Dunley Farmlands

Another important merchant by the name Berk the Traveling Trader can be found along the path in the southeastern part of Dunley Farmlands.

You will have the chance to purchase several hats from this trader:

  • Bear Head (300 silver)
  • Deer Head (300 silver)
  • Wolf Head (300 silver)

If you’re lucky, you may also find a Bonnet hat inside one of the chests in the Dawnbreak Village, also located in the southeastern part of Dunley Farmlands.

If you’re brave enough to face Scarecrows at the Abandoned Farm, then you may get the Scarecrow Mask as one of their drops.

Farbane Woods

In the central area of the Farbane Woods you may encounter another travelling merchant by the name Gavyn the Shady Dealer.

He will gladly sell you a couple of hats:

  • Necromancer’s Mitre (200 silver)
  • Pilgrim’s Hat (200 silver)

If you manage to defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter, who is a Level 46 boss, in Farbane Woods, then he may drop his Vampire Hunter Headgear.

Random Locations

A hefty number of hats in V Rising don’t have designated locations, but will usually drop from mobs, spawn in chests, or through fishing in a random fashion. These include:

  • Ashfolk Crow (chests or fishing in Silverlight Hills)
  • Boneguard Mask (coffins, skeletons, sarcophagus, tutorial zone)
  • Immortal King’s Greathelm (included in the Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC)
  • Maid’s Cap (chests in Farbane Woods)
  • Maid’s Scarf (chests in Dunlay Farmlands and Iron Mines)
  • Militia Helmet (fishing in Cursed Forest)
  • Paladin’s Helmet (chests in Silver Mines)
  • Rusted Helmet (chests in Farbane Woods)
  • Straw Hat (chests or fishing in the Cursed Forest)
  • Top Hat (chests in Silverlight Hills, or fishing in the Cursed Forest)
  • Footman’s Helmet (fishing in Dunlay Farmlands)

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