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V Rising Legendary Weapons Tier List

Here are the best V Rising Legendary Weapons for PVE.

Once you start going for Legendary Artifact Weapon Shards in Tier 2 Rift Incursions, it can be tough to choose which Legendary weapon to get. All of them are decently viable, but some are less situational than others. Here’s my V Rising Legendary Weapons Tier list for PVE.

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Best V Rising Legendary Weapons Tier List for PVE

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S Tier

All Legendary weapons have fixed stats and predetermined Magic school debuffs they synergize with. This can make some Legendary weapons feel quite situational if you’re not using the exact school they’re meant for. On the other hand, those from the lower Tiers might go up to A and S Tier if you make a fully specialized build that works with their magic school. So, to avoid situational elements, the S Tier is for weapons that are exceptional no matter which school of magic you’re using:

  • The Red Twins (Axe): The Legendary stats are just a straight-up non-situational upgrade with Frenzy duration increased by 1 second and some Leech upgrades and bonus physical power. Stack Attack Speed and Crit Chance to melt end-game bosses.
  • The Endbringers (Pistols): While they synergize with Ignite (Chaos), you don’t need Chaos spells to make the pistols work as the safest ranged weapon option in the game. The Legendary mod even allows you to move during Q, and the E is still a mini dash to kite end-game bosses.
  • Oaksong (Bow): While the Pistols are safer, the Bow’s legendary stats bring it to another level because you can now instantly gain full Focus with the Q Legendary upgrade and shoot out a powerful E without charging up primary shots. You even get Crit Chance and Skill Cooldown, which are arguably the best stats, so I recommend going for Rogue Blood.

A Tier

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In A Tier, you still have incredible weapons, but they’re a bit lower than S Tier because their fixed Magic school synergies and fixed stats make their full potential slightly situational:

  • Mortira’s Lament (Reaper): For example, the Reaper is still the most powerful PVE Boss killing weapon with that E. However, with the Legendary version, you’re missing out on some synergy if you’re not using Unholy Magic spells to summon additional skeletons for those Q heals. Furthermore, the spell-focused fixed stats now mean that you can’t roll physical-oriented stats like Crit Chance or Crit Power.
  • The Morning Star (Whip): Not everyone might agree with this personal pick, but the Legendary Whip can output Greatsword-level DPS with its Crit Power, Crit Chance, and Attack Speed buffs, along with Rogue Blood. Furthermore, you now have a mini stun on your E to keep a distance so bring some knockback and summons for tanking for an S-tier experience.
  • Apocalypse (Greatsword): A similar case from the Reaper applies to the Greatsword. The incredible damage from Q now requires the target to be Ignited, and while E does inflict Ignite, you can’t always be waiting for your E for optimal DPS.
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B Tier

In B Tier, you have weapons with massive potential that’s limited by both the best spell selection you choose and also the physical/spell-oriented playstyle.

  • The Thousand Storms (Spear): It’s got incredible DPS with Crit Chance and Rogue Blood, but it requires setup with another weapon like the Axe stun. That said, the Legendary E can now stun for 0.7 seconds and pulls you to the target which can be better than the non-Legendary hook for closing distance.
  • Cloud Dancers and Wings of the Fallen (Slashers): You just can’t make much use of Slashers for a physical build and instead, they’re exclusively for a spell-oriented one. Their only use is to get as much use out of their safety windows and dashes when your spells are on cooldown. This inflexible playstyle is what gets them B Tier since they can be quite powerful in these limited instances.
  • Hand of Winter (Mace): I could be wrong here, but in my limited Mace experience, the Chill debuff and magic stats don’t work well with the Mace. I would much rather have some Crit Chance on here for massive bursts which the Mace is known for. Still, the damage is incredible, and if you make use of that Chill damage bonus, you’re looking at big DPS numbers.

C Tier

Here, you have weapons that are outclassed in both mechanical power and those that are the most situational to use.

  • The Siren’s Wail (Crossbow): If you’re going fully into Weaken/Phantasm spells, the Siren’s Wail is much higher. However, a lot of the power from a Crossbow comes from physical-oriented stats, in my opinion, so the Legendary crossbow feels a bit awkward to use. The fear is pretty decent, though.
  • The Gravecaller (Sword): The Gravecaller is all about keeping Whirlwind up as much as possible, which can be unsafe since it prevents you from using Veils and Counters. Furthermore, you need to kill an enemy for the Legendary Whirlwind duration extension, which isn’t available against most end-game bosses.

That’s it for my V Rising Legendary Weapons tier list. For more V Rising guides, check out how to beat Dracula.

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