Silver Ore is necessary to create Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising. Here's where to find some.

V Rising: Where to Find Silver Ore

Silver Ore is necessary to create Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising. Here's where to find some.

Dark Silver is the rarest metal in V Rising, and like other metals in the game, it is primarily obtained through the mining and smelting of Silver Ore. Dark Silver can be used to craft Dark Silver weapons, some of V Rising‘s most powerful weapons. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Silver Ore and how to mine it.

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How to Get Silver Ore in V Rising

Much like Iron Ore, Silver Ore requires the Merciless Copper Mace to be harvested. Before you can craft it, you need the Merciless Weapons Research Book. It can be obtained one of two ways. 

Your first option is getting lucky with the Research Desk. You can learn one random technology at the desk in exchange for 50 Paper, and there is a chance that this may net you the necessary research book. Using the Research Desk can be a bit tedious to grind out, but you will learn lots of other technologies along the way that may come in handy in other aspects of V Rising.

Your second option is to obtain the book from an enemy drop. Your best bet for this is to seek out Clive the Firestarter in the Bandit Sulfur Quarry (location shown above). He is a Level 30 boss who has the highest chance of dropping this book. It is not guaranteed to drop, though it is definitely worth the try, and you’ll need to kill him anyway to get Silver Ore.

Once you have the research book, the Merciless Copper Mace can be crafted using:

How to Carry Silver Ore Without Taking Damage

Something worth noting before seeking out Silver Ore is how to avoid taking damage while carrying it. You’re a vampire, so naturally, Silver in all forms will hurt you. But there are ways to overcome it. For this, you’ll need to make some Silver Resistance Brews or Potions.

These brews and potions can be produced at an Alchemy Table, which you will have the blueprint for after defeating Clive. It requires 100 Blood Essence, 12 Sulfur, and 16 Planks to construct. From there, you can produce Silver Resistance drinks with the following ingredients:

Silver Resistance Brew 

  • Effects: Increases Silver Resistance by 15 for 20 minutes.
    • 20 Snow Flowers.
    • 1 Water-Filled Canteen.

Silver Resistance Brew

  • Increases Silver Resistance by 50 for 20 minutes.
    • 32 Ghost Shrooms.
    • 1 Water-Filled Canteen.

The recipe for the latter brew is obtained by defeating Raziel the Shepherd, a Level 60 boss located in the Dunley Monastery, highlighted below. 

You’re going to want to be well-equipped with brews and potions before setting foot in the mine, as the more Silver you carry, the more damage you’ll take. It also helps if you’re going in with friends, as you can split the Silver Ore amongst the crew.

Where to Find Silver Ore

The Sacred Silver Mines, located in the northwest corner of the map in the Silverlight Hills, is the best place to mine. Silver Ore nodes can be found throughout the hills themselves, but they’re far less common than inside the mine.

The mine is heavily guarded within by Level 60+ enemies, so lower-level players may want to hold off on venturing inside until they’re better equipped.

Once in the cave, keep an eye out for dark ore nodes along the paths. Silver Ore does not differ much in color from the rock walls, so be thorough when searching. Once you find a node, harvest it with your Merciless Copper Mace.

Unlike Iron Ore, this ore cannot be smelted directly into ingots. Instead, you’ll need one more ingredient before you can create Dark Silver: Scourgestone, which can farmed by slaying enemies.

The Ancient Villages in the Cursed Forest, as well as the Church of the Damned, are your three best options for farming. These areas are highlighted below (the Church is the southernmost of the three).

To make your Dark Silver Ingot, put 20 Silver Ore and 1 Scourgestone into your furnace for a single ingot. If you’d like to learn more about V Rising, feel free to check out our other tips in our V Rising guides hub!

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