V Rising: How to Get Stone Dust

Wondering how to get Stone Dust in V Rising? Here's a complete guide with all the related crafting recipes.

There are several very rare crafting materials in V Rising that are an absolute must-have. One of them is Stone Dust, which can only be obtained through a specific method and requires the Grinder machine.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to get Stone Dust in V Rising, including all of the related crafting recipes.

How to Get Stone Dust in V Rising

Stone Dust is a byproduct of creating Stone Bricks, which are made in the Grinder using simple stones.

You can obtain stones by destroying stone structures all over the world of Vardoran. You can build the Grinder in the Workshop using the following recipe:

  • 8 Plank.
  • 4 Copper Ingot.
  • 4 Whetstone. 

Once the Grinder is ready, you need to load 12 Stone into it in order to get 1 Stone Brick and 1 Stone Dust. Stone Brick can be used in the construction of a castle, while Stone Dust is used for crafting a Whetstone via the Furnace.

The furnace can be built in the Forge with these materials:

  • 480 Stone.
  • 60 Copper Ore.

Once the Forge is built, you can make 1 Whetstone using 9 Stone Dust and 1 Copper Ingot.

Where to Find Stone Dust

You can also find ready-made Stone Dust inside the Bandit Armory, located in the northwestern part of Farbane Woods.

If you look closely, you can also find some Whetstones there, and even Invulnerability Shields. So be sure to visit this place when exploring the woods.

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Published Jun. 6th 2022

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