V Rising Capes Locations Guide

Find all the capes in V Rising with the help of our guide, including their respective crafting recipes.

Equipping your vampire with a cape in V Rising should be a priority if you want to protect yourself from the effects of silver, garlic, fire, and other risks to your delicate vampire sensibilities. There are three main capes in the game, to which you can find crafting recipes as drops from bosses, and three additional capes that appear in a DLC pack.

Our guide will provide you with the locations of all capes in V Rising. You will also learn about the resistances of each cape, as well as requirements for their crafting.

All Capes Locations in V Rising

Traveler's Wrap

  • Max HP: +12
  • Resistances: +15 Sun Resistance

The first cape recipe can be acquired from Keely the Frost Archer at the northeast of Farbane Woods.

You can then craft it at a simple workbench, using the following recipe:

  • 4 Cloth
  • 4 Leather

Hunter's Cloak

  • Max HP: +18
  • Resistances:
    • +15 Sun Resistance
    • +15 Garlic Resistance
    • +15 Silver Resistance

The second cape becomes available once you meet Beatrice the Tailor in the southeastern part of the Dunley Farmlands.

If you managed to unlock the tailoring bench, then you can craft it using:

  • 6 Cotton Yarn

Phantom’s Veil

  • Max HP: +24
  • Resistances:
    • +15 Sun Resistance
    • +15 Garlic Resistance
    • +15 Silver Resistance
    • +15 Fire Resistance
    • +15 Holy Resistance

The third main cape of the game can be looted from Foulrot the Soultaker in the southeast of the Cursed Forest.

You can also craft it at the tailoring bench with the help of this recipe:

  • 6 Ghost Yarn
  • 6 Spectral Dust

Dracula's Relics Capes

If you've purchased the Dracula's Relics Pack DLC, then you will have access to the following three capes:

  • Immortal King's Drape
  • Immortal King's Cloak
  • Immortal King's Mantle

These three special capes have the exact same stats as the previous three capes listed above respectively.

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Published Jun. 2nd 2022

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