Looking for a quick list of recipes for the current craftable weapons and armor in Valheim? This guide tells you everything there is to know.

Valheim Recipes for Weapons and Armor Crafting Progression

Looking for a quick list of recipes for the current craftable weapons and armor in Valheim? This guide tells you everything there is to know.
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Crafting is at the core of Valheim. From wooden clubs and iron swords to leather tunics and bronze helmets, you’re going to have to make things to survive in the game’s various biomes. That’s where recipes come into play.

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In this guide, we’re going to talk about the very basics of crafting as well as listing the majority of the current craftable weapons and armor Valheim has to offer. We’ll also tell you what you need to build to level up stations for crafting progression. 

Note: This list of recipes is currently incomplete, but it contains a majority of the weapons and armor in the game. We will update as we discover more. 

In Valheim,weapons and armor, depending on the materials used to make them, are crafted at either the workbench or the forge. Weapons and armor not using metal components are generally made at the workbench, while their metal counterparts are forged.

Some components, such as bronze or iron ingots, will need to be smelted before they can be used in making other items. 

Workbench Weapons and Armor


  • Rag tunic: 5x Leather scraps
  • Rag pants: 5x Leather scraps
  • Deer hid cape: 4x Deer hide, 5x bone fragments
  • Leather helmet: 6x Deer hide
  • Leather pants: 6x Deer hide
  • Leather tunic: 6x Deer hide 
  • Troll hide cape: 10x Troll Hide, 10x bone fragments
  • Troll leather helmet: 5x Troll hide, 3x bone fragments
  • Troll leather pants: 5x Troll hide
  • Troll leather tunic: 5x Troll hide
  • Wolf fur cape: 6x Wolf pelt, 4x silver, 1x wolf trophy


  • Stone axe: 5x Wood, 4x stone
  • Flint axe: 4x Wood, 6x flint
  • Flint spear: 5x Wood, 10x flint, 2x leather scraps
  • Flint knife: 2x Wood, 4x flint, 2x leather scraps
  • Crude bow: 10x Wood, 8x leather scraps
  • Finewood bow: 10x Fine wood, 10x core wood, 2x deer hide
  • Wood shield: 10x Wood, 4x resin, 4x leather scraps
  • Wood tower shield: 10x Wood, 4x leather scraps
  • Abyssal harpoon: 8x Fine wood, 30x chitin, 3x leather scraps
  • Abyssal razor: 4x Fine wood, 20x chitin, 2x leather scraps
  • Stagbreaker: 20x Core wood, 5x deer trophies, 2 leather scraps

It’s worth noting that the abyssal harpoon and abyssal razor require you to have a Level 4 workbench in order to craft. You’ll need a chopping block, tanning rack, adze, and tool shelf within range of a workbench to reach Level 4.

Forge Weapons and Armor


  • Bronze helmet: 
  • Bronze plate cuirass: 5x Bronze, 2x deer hide
  • Bronze plate leggings: 5x Bronze, 2x deer hide
  • Iron helmet: 20x Iron, 2x deer hide
  • Iron scale mail: 20x Iron, 2x deer hide
  • Iron greaves: 20x Iron, 2x deer hide
  • Wolf armor legs: 20x Silver, 5x wolf pelt, 4x wolf fang
  • Bronze buckler: 10x Bronze, 4x wood
  • Banded shield: 10x Fine wood, 8x Iron
  • Iron tower shield: 15x Fine wood, 10x iron
  • Silver shield: 10x Fine wood, 8x silver


  • Copper knife: 2x Wood, 8x copper
  • Bronze atgeir: 10x Wood, 8x bronze, 2x leather scraps
  • Bronze mace: 4x Wood, 8x bronze, 3x leather scraps
  • Bronze spear: 5x Wood, 6x bronze, 2x deer hide
  • Bronze sword: 2x Wood, 8x bronze, 2 leather scraps
  • Ancient bark spear: 4x Troll hide, 10x iron, 10x ancient bark
  • Battleaxe: 30x Ancient bark, 35x iron, 4x leather scraps
  • Huntsman bow: 10x Fine wood, 20x iron, 10x feathers, 2x deer hide
  • Iron atgeir: 10x Wood, 30x iron, 2x leather scraps
  • Iron mace: 4x Wood, 20x iron, 3x leather scraps
  • Iron sword: 2x Wood, 20x iron, 3x leather scraps
  • Draugr fang: 10x Ancient bark, 20x silver, 2x deer hide, 10x guck
  • Fang spear: 10x Ancient bark. 4x wolf fangs, 2 leather scraps, 2x silver
  • Silver sword: 2x Wood, 40x silver, 3x leather scraps, 5x iron

Much like with the workbench, some of these crafting recipes will require the forge to be upgraded. You’ll need anvils, a forge cooler, forge toolrack, forge bellows, and a grinding wheel near your forge in order to craft and upgrade all the listed items to their max capacity. 

For those further in their adventure through Valheim, you might want to check our guide on black metal to learn more about the strongest material currently in the game.

Hopefully, this cheat sheet helps you keep track of all the different weapons and armors available to you in Valheim. If you’re new in your adventure, consider checking out our starter help guide, building guide, guide on building a raft and sailing, or tips on marking locations on your map. As always, make sure to keep checking Gameskinny for more Valheim tips, tricks, and guides!

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