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Warcraft Rumble Deck Builder Guide

Find out how to build the best decks in Warcraft Rumble using our deck builder guide.

It’s important to learn how to build decks in Warcraft Rumble, as the right one can open a lot of doors in terms of rewards, new leaders, and troops. Our deck builder guide will provide you with a deck builder guide, using the Undead faction as an example.

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Deck Builder Guide for Warcraft Rumble

Choose Units That Synergize With Your Leader

All deckbuilding in Warcraft Rumble begins with the choice of a leader. Once you have your leader and know their traits and talents, you can build around them by selecting the right units that will synergize with your leader’s abilities.

For example, if you unlock Baron Rivendare, who’s one of the best leaders in the game, you’ll notice that he has the ability to summon skeleton armies. This means that you can put a lot of cheap units in your deck and push damage using your skellies.

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Here’s how the aggressive swarm Baron deck would look:

  • Baron Rivendare (Leader)
  • Ghoul (Cost: 2)
  • Quilboar (Cost: 2)
  • Harpies (Cost: 3)
  • Gargoyle (Cost: 4)
  • Blizzard (Cost: 4)
  • Necromancer (Cost: 4)

A Necromancer unit also has the ability to summon skeletons, and that’s how you achieve synergy with the abilities of your leader. But when it comes to the Dungeon mode, you’ll also need relics that can help you improve your deck further. Here’s a list of three relics that I prefer when it comes to Baron’s deck:

  • Bone Whistle: Summons 2 Skeleton Mages upon playing your leader.
  • Necrology Robes: Summons 3 Skeletons when you cast a spell.
  • Stratholme Commendation: Summons 2 Skeleton Mages upon deploying an undead unit.

In this way, you can further increase the number of skellies for your army, leaving no chance of survival for dungeon bosses.

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Level Up Your Leaders and Units

Once you unlock a leader and a number of units to support this leader, as in the example above, then it’s important to keep leveling them up. The best way to do this is to use basically the same units with different leaders and strategies.

For example, if you have a deck with Baron Rivendare and a number of undead units, then I’d try to unlock more undead leaders, such as Bloodmage Thalnos and Sylvanas Windrunner. In this way, you can use most of your units in different decks and keep leveling them up, making them stronger for all of your undead decks.

Also, be sure to use the three leaders and their respective decks in different modes. If we talk about the three undead leaders, then my personal preference would be the following:

  • Baron Rivendare for Dungeons.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos for PvE.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner for PvP.

We’ve already covered the best deck for Baron Rivendare, so let’s now look at the Bloodmage Thalnos deck building with similar units but for a different strategy.

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In PvE mode, spells may have an even bigger impact than the army of skellies, as the maps vary heavily from one stage to the next. So here, we’re still using some of the same units as in the case with the Baron’s deck, such as Ghoul and Gargoyle, but focus mostly on elemental and spell damage, such as Chain Lightning and Cheat Death. Here’s the list I suggest for this type of deck:

  • Bloodmage Thalnos (Leader)
  • Chain Lightning (Cost: 2)
  • Ghoul (Cost: 2)
  • Cheat Death (Cost: 3)
  • Meat Wagon (Cost: 3)
  • Gargoyle (Cost: 4)
  • Abomination (Cost: 6)

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Don’t Neglect PvP Mode

Lastly, many players avoid PvP mode, especially beginners, as it’s the most competitive and aggressive mode in Warcraft Rumble. But this is also the best mode for unlocking more units, although the deck-building strategies differ greatly from either PvE or Dungeons.

If you can come up with a solid PvP deck, then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to level your leader and troops. In the case of the Undead faction, I strongly recommend using Sylvanas Windrunner, as she has the ability to buff the speed of movement, making her troops extremely fast and bringing lots of quick wins.

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Once again, we’ll be using the same undead units, such as Ghoul and Gargoyle, and adding Banshees, who take control of the enemy units upon death. Note that Sylvanas also spawns an extra Banshee upon death, so that’s basically your winning strategy in PvP: moving as many enemy units onto your side as possible. Here’s a list I advise using:

  • Sylvanas Windrunner (Leader)
  • Arcane Blast (Cost: 1)
  • Ghoul (Cost: 2)
  • Banshee (Cost: 4)
  • Gargoyle (Cost: 4)
  • Blizzard (Cost: 4)
  • Huntress (Cost: 5)

Of course, Banshees aren’t your only saving grace in this deck, and other units will also play an important role. Be sure to keep Sylvanas close to Ghoul, who’s your tankiest unit. Then, use Gargoyle, your only flying unit, to quickly reach the opponent’s castle, and use your spells to protect its way there.

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You can use similar tactics and strategies for all other factions as well, including Alliance, Beast, Blackrock, and Horde. Each one has three leaders and a number of synergistic troops that can be organized into three different decks for Dungeons, PvE, and PvP in the same fashion as I showed you above in the example of the Undead faction.

That’s it for our deck builder guide for Warcraft Rumble. Stay tuned for more WR tips and tricks articles right here.

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