Warframe Guide: How to Beat Protea Specter

Protea Specter can be a pain to defeat, but this guide shows you how to beat Protea Specter and get the warframe blueprint.

Protea Specter can be a pain to defeat, but this guide shows you how to beat Protea Specter and get the warframe blueprint.
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Protea Specter is a new warframe added in The Deadlock Protocol update for Warframe. To get this warframe, you need to craft the Xoris weapon and defeat Protea. If you’re wondering how to beat Protea Specter in Warframe, we’ll go over the steps below.

This boss fight is extremely grindy and requires knowledge of special weapon tricks. Not knowing them makes killing Protea almost impossible.

How to Beat Protea Specter in Warframe

Once you reach the New Deal mission of The Deadlock Protocol event, Nef Anyo will give you a blueprint for the new Xoris weapon. Xoris is a glaive weapon of Corpus provenance, which is the only weapon that can kill Protea Specter.

Once you’ve gathered all three parts for Xoris, build it, equip it, and enter the Protea Specter arena. The boss fight against Protea Specter has two phases, though you’ll only actually encounter Protea in the second phase.

Protea Phase 1

In this first phase, you will fight an army of hostile mobs, which you can kill by charging and throwing Xoris at them. This is a good way to practice your throws before the actual fight, as this special move is your key to victory in the next phase.

Here’s what you should do to get prepared:

  1. Put some distance between you and your enemy.
  2. Charge Xoris by killing a few enemies.
  3. Throw Xoris at them by pressing the Secondary Fire button:
    • Mouse Wheel on PC
    • Right Stick on PS4/Xbox
  4. Press the Secondary Fire attack button once again when it reaches the target.

Xoris will explode on contact with the enemy. Once you kill three enemies using this special move, Protea Specter will spawn and the second phase will begin.

Protea Phase 2

Protea Specter has four health bars, essentially meaning you have to kill this boss four times in a row. To make things more complicated, each health bar is protected by a shield gauge, which you must deplete first.

You can only damage Protea using the Secondary Fire attack on Xoris, as described above. If you fail to do so, Protea will be able to restore all health gauges, and all your efforts will be wasted.

Additionally, each time you deplete one of its health bars, Protea will spawn clones, which you must kill before you can attack Protea again.

When all four health bars are depleted, you will be rewarded with the Protea Specter warframe blueprint.

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