Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader — 10 Best Officer Talents

Support and empower your team with these top 10 Officer talents in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

cassia using her officer abilities on allies in warhammer 40k rogue trader
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Officers are the backbone of your team. They grant extra turns, as well Best as offensive and defensive buffs. Your damage dealers will love Officers, because you can do more of your cool abilities with one on your team. Here are our top 10 Officer talents in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

Top 10 Officer Talents in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader You Must Have for Your Build

No Respite

Whether it’s from Bring It Down!, Finest Hour!, or even a boost from More Than Possible, more Action Points give you more stats with No Respite. It’s an all-around great Talent that lasts until the end of combat and stacks with itself. Your allies will keep growing stronger with each extra AP.

Commanding Voice

Almost a no-brainer pick-up as more range for all of your abilities means you can play around cover more and keep your Officers like Cassia safe. Essentially, think as if all your abilities have +6 range since Voice of Command makes range infinite for other Officer abilities. This is useful from the early to the late game.

Seize the Initiative

I absolutely love this Officer Talent, since it allows me to set up crucial supportive buffs on key damage dealers like Snipers. An extra turn is nothing to scoff at, even if it means just Officer abilities. Use this turn to put up Voice of Command and Take Aim! Or Move, Move, Move! on key figures in your team.

Blood of Martyrs

Rogue Trader’s combat system is all about reaching that Momentum 175 as soon as possible and performing your ultimate ability. Picking up buffs to your ultimates therefore seems natural and a massive chunk of temporary HP is quite powerful. This is especially optimal on melee characters with Taunt.

Armour of Contempt

As you progress through the mid-game, a few of your abilities and talents like Blood of Martyrs will grant allies temporary HP. This talent makes them even tankier by increasing their armor rating without any downsides for one round. Just be careful as this talent doesn’t stack.

Be Vigilant! and Focus!

Be Vigilant! and Focus! provide exceptional boosts but it’s important to gauge your party first. If your team consists of mostly melee-focused heroes then pick up Be Vigilant! If they’re largely focused on ranged combat then pick up Focus! Simple as that, these are solid upgrades for your Officer buffs.

cassia using her officer abilities on allies in warhammer 40k rogue trader
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Into The Jaws Of Hells

As soon as mid to late-game comes, you and your allies will start dropping below 50% wounds much more frequently. Especially when you’re ambushed. This talent allows your Officer to benefit from low HP through massive Willpower and Fellowship increases. The best part is that it even works if allies drop to half wounds and you use Officer abilities on them and these two effects stack.

More Than Possible

Bring It Down! is your most frequent damage ability, so +1 AP on it makes a world of difference for an ally to be able to use an extra ability. That said, this shouldn’t be spammed due to the extra damage that the target suffers if they use that +1 AP. Utilize this talent only to finish off that key enemy in a fight and gain the upper hand.

Lasting Impression

Once you start stacking various Officer buffs around levels 15 to 20 and beyond, this becomes an incredible Talent. It’s not so much about the Voice of Command boost, though it’s great, but about the second part. This talent’s effect counts as an Officer ability for the purposes of other buffs.

Leader’s Assault 

While your Officer won’t be making that many attacks themselves, when they do, Leader’s Assault will grant you +5 Fellowship. Essentially, your Voice of Command and other abilities that rely on Fellowship will grow stronger throughout the fight with each attack. Quite a powerful talent on more aggressive Officers like Master Tacticians.

Honorable Mentions: Ability Talents

Lastly, there are some powerful situational Talents that depend on which ability you pick up. I highly recommend the following for specific abilities:

  • Get Back in the Fight: Wounds Are No Excuse! is a highly spammable skill and this talent makes it even better for healing injuries and saving Medikits.
  • Move! Move! Move!: Watch Yourself! drastically improves your defensive statistics.
  • Take Aim!: Steady! on a Sniper ally who also has the Sharpshooter talent can be devastating, especially if that attack crits. An absolute boss-killer talent.

Those are my Top 10 Officer talents in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader. I’m a huge fan of classes in CRPGs that aren’t about straightforward damage or defense but blend this support archetype with interesting utility skills. The Officer does that perfectly and is incredibly powerful in the mid to late game. Check out more of our guides, like our Argenta, Abelard, Operative, Pasqal, and Idira builds, by clicking the links or heading over to our WH40K: RT tips page.

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