Wartales Guide: How to Fish, Find Fishing Spots, and Get Hooks

Looking for an easy way to keep your company fed and ready for battle? Here's how to fish for food in Wartales.

Looking for an easy way to keep your company fed and ready for battle? Here's how to fish for food in Wartales.
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Learning how to fish in Wartales means that you’ll have a good supply of food, which keeps your party comfortable and happy. There’s a lot of strategy that plays into this open-world RPG that’s more than just combat, party composition, and having the right weapons and gear.

As you venture into the harsh lands of Wartales, you’ll need to be sure you’re strong enough to take on bandits, have enough medicine to venture further from town, and have enough money to pay party wages. Food is an important part of that, and setting aside time to fish can bolster your stash.

This Wartales guide tells you everything you need to know about fishing, including which professions you need, how to find angling spots, and how to get hooks. Grab your rod and reel!

How to Fish for Food in Wartales

Get Fishing Hooks

Next, you need fishing hooks. These can be:

  • Dropped by human enemies
  • Bought from wandering traders
  • Forged from iron ore in your camp by a party member with the Tinkerer profession.

Much like forging lockpicks, you’ll want to craft more than a single hook since there is a chance hooks can be lost or broken during the fishing minigame. Typically, it seems a hook is generally good for three attempts before it is lost.

Find Fishing Spots

In order to fish, one of your party members needs the Angler profession, which can be obtained by visiting an angling spot on the map and clicking on the rod in the world space. You can find these POIs by looking for areas on the water that have a sparkle and ripples.

How the Fishing Minigame in Wartales Works

The fishing minigame itself is pretty easy and straightforward. Click on the water to start the minigame, where your character will use a rod and reel. Then click the left mouse button to try to keep your marker centered in the progress bar and out of the red zones on either side until you reel in your catch. That’s basically it!

Angling is a great source of food for your party, especially if you’ve crafted a cooking pot and have someone with the Cook profession in your party. You can cook some quality food like grilled carp, which gives 3 food points over carp cooked at the default campfire (2 meal points). 

It’s worth noting that while technically meat, fish will not satisfy the Carnivorous requirement that you’ll get by having wild animals in your party — like captured wolves — so be mindful when it comes to planning your meals.    

And there you have it: now you know all that you need to about how to fish in Wartales. Reel in the meals to keep your crew fed while you explore these unforgiving. For more tips, make sure to check out some of our guides for Wartales here on GameSkinny!

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