Wartales Guide: How to Craft & Use Medicine

You're going to need some medicine for that nasty-looking cut. Here's how to craft it in Wartales.

Knowing how to craft and use medicine in Wartales is an incredibly important skill. Getting injured is more a “when” than “if” situation as you lead your band of merry murder hobos around the war-torn countryside. Fortunately, you have access to medicine, a significant magical elixir on the item list you can imbibe post-battle to regenerate health bars and stave off the embrace of death.

But what happens if that elixir runs out? This Wartales guide tells you everything you need to know about how to craft and use medicine, where to find the materials needed, and how to get a party member with the Alchemist profession and skills. Read on to keep those troops in tip-top shape!

How to Craft Medicine in Wartales

Getting your hands on more medicine to heal and regenerate health essentially comes down to two things: buying it and crafting it. The easiest method is just to buy some more. Paying party wages can get pretty taxing on the coin pouch and drain your money fast, however, and nobody works for free, so the best choice is to craft your own medicine

To craft your own medicine in Wartales, you’re going to need the following:

  • An empty glass vial.
  • 2x Snow Iris.
  • 2x Comfrey.
  • A party member with the Alchemist profession.

Comfrey is pretty readily available as you explore more of the map. In fact, you can literally find some around the very beginning area of the game.

Snow Iris is a bit more difficult to find, growing mostly in snowy areas on the map. But trade caravans and vendors can have some in stock in a pinch, so be sure to check.

Vials can be found as loot on some enemies after fights, as well as empties in your inventory after consuming medicine to regain health and heal your troops.

As far as recruiting a party member with the Alchemist profession, you simply need to make your way to a town and visit the Apothecary. Once there, click on the apothecary tools in the workshop, and you’ll be able to assign one of your party members to the profession for them to have the necessary skills.

It’s worth noting that you can override a previous profession if needed, but you’ll lose any experience gained in it if you do so. But sometimes, being able to craft medicine and heal is worth it.

How to Use Medicine

As far as using medicine goes, if your party is badly wounded after battle, you can simply click on the associated icon to heal, assuming you have medicine in your inventory. If, however, you're close to a town, it's better to go there and spend the coin to be healed and save your medicine for more of an emergency situation.

And there you have it: now you know how to craft medicine in Wartales. You'll be able to heal your party and regenerate health as you make a name for yourselves as a mercenary outfit in these unforgiving lands. Make sure to check out some of our other guides for Wartales here on GameSkinny!


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Published Dec. 10th 2021

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