Welcome Home ARG: How to Get to the Staff Only Guest Area

Here's how to get to the secret Staff Only Page Guest Area in Welcome Home ARG.

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While perusing the hidden links of Welcome Home ARG, one was found to contain a hidden page within the first page. Like a nesting doll, these popped out of the ether — until I was stopped by a password-gated area. Here’s how to get to the Staff Only Guest Area in Welcome Home ARG and see what other secrets lie in wait.

How to Get to the Staff Only Guest Area in Welcome Home ARG

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To get to the Staff Only Guest Area in Welcome Home ARG, you’ll need to find a password by completing a worksheet including characters’ initials. Once you enter that, you’ll be able to reach the new portion of the website.

Starting with the password please page, we can see all the passwords that have failed. It mentions that the code is five characters, and there’s a worksheet involved. It also states to “try all the phone”, though the message is cut off.

The worksheet must be somewhere on the website. Skimming through the new pages to start, I went through the Media and Merchandise pages first, to no avail. Then I found a worksheet in the Playfellow Exhibition photos. The worksheet has five questions, which aligns with the secret Guest Area hint.

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Welcome Home ARG Staff Only Guest Area Worksheet Answers

All of the secret Staff Only Guest Area Worksheet answers can be found in the Welcome Home characters‘ Neighborhood snippets when you click on their house.

  1. Barnaby
  2. Sally
  3. Poppy
  4. Julie
  5. Wally

If the code for the Staff Only Guest Area is only five letters/numbers/symbols long, it’s most likely the characters from the answers. You may be wondering if it’s all their names or if five characters refer to letters, numbers, and symbols when typing. After experimenting, the password is not the full names of the characters in a row, regardless of capitalization. This led me to believe that the password is only five letters long. I went with the beginning letter of each character’s name (their initials), which worked. The password is BSPJW.

The Disturbing Staff Only Page

Once you correctly enter the password, you’re taken to a new, far more disturbing page titled Staff Only. It seems to be similar to darkweb sites, which hide the real site behind a cheery coverup. I don’t want to spoil the page, but this mystery has taken an eye-boggling turn.

That’s how to get to the Staff Only Guest Area in Welcome Home ARG. For more of the secrets found on the site, the transcripts of the new videos’ audio, and more, check out our WH ARG guides.

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