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What Is the Enshrouded Level Cap?

Here's the maximum level cap in Enshrouded.

With the Melodies of the Mire update players are wondering what is the new Enshrouded level cap. Furthermore, what is the planned maximum level for the full release? Here’s the Enshrouded level cap.

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What Is the Maximum Level in Enshrouded?

The Enshrouded level cap is 25. You can go past level 25 and even to achieve this, you’ll need to complete various quests but also engage in combat, harvesting, and various other EXP-granting activities. Reaching max level is a bit of grind but Enshrouded presents different areas for different level ranges to keep things fresh.

For example, the Melodies of the Mire introduced the Blackmire area for players level 13 to 15. These level range-specific biomes hold a slew of challenges and secrets to discover that are of the appropriate challenge for players in that level range. They’ll allow you to progress to the next tier and eventually up to Level 25. Note that the maximum monster level is 30, so even at max level, you’ll still be facing a decent challenge. That said, what can you do after reaching the max level?

What to Do at Level 25 in Enshrouded?

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Besides facing up to Level 30 enemies, you can also tinker around with different skills and test various builds. Furthermore, you can finish exploring every part of the map. The currently available map contains about 30% of what the full release will have, but new updates for fresh areas and biomes are constantly coming out.

The maximum level in the full release based on forum discussions and some Keen Games dev diaries is about 50 or 60. This means that even though you reached the current Early Access Level 25 cap, there’s still plenty to look forward to. If I had to guess, I’d say that devs will progressively raise the level cap in future updates little by little. Perhaps 10 to 15 levels or so until they reach the 1.0 versions.

That’s it for my guide on what the Enshrouded level cap is. For more Enshrouded guides, check out the best places to build your base.

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