When Does Minecraft 1.21 Come Out?

Find out when does Minecraft 1.21 come out and what the update will add to the game.

From new friendly and unfriendly mobs to Trial Chambers and the automatic Crafter block, the Minecraft 1.21 update is looking quite exciting. The Mojang team showcase at Minecraft Live 2023 set to rest the Mob Vote drama and invigorated the community with hype for the next big update. But when does Minecraft 1.21 come out?

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When Does Minecraft 1.21 Come Out?

The same as you, we have been wondering about the Minecraft 1.21 release date and have scoured Mojang’s social media for information. Since the update was announced through the Minecraft Live 2023 event on October 15, we naturally assumed it was coming out next year. In fact, it seems that the update will be officially launched mid-2024.

It’s going to be a major patch that doesn’t overhaul features but drastically adds them to the game. There are going to be new blocks, challenges, mobs, and more. Even the winner of the 2023 Mob Vote was announced. Let us see what’s coming up.

What Is New in Minecraft 1.21?

In short, the update will include thrilling trial adventures, copper block variations, the automated Crafter table, and two new mobs. Here’s a little bit about each addition:

  • Combat Trials: A variation on the classic hostile mob spawner, Trial chambers will spawn a set number of enemies for you to fight in caves and win loot.
  • Copper Variations: There will be new light sources like Copper Bulbs and new blocks like Copper Doors, Trapdoors, and Chiseled Copper with four different visuals based on oxidization.
  • Crafter: A redstone-powered variation of the crafting table, The Crafter automatically crafts a single recipe you designate.
  • Armadillo: The winner of the 2023 community mob vote is the adorable Armadillo that spawns in savannas.
  • Breeze: A new hostile mob that utilizes the power of the wind to levitate and shoot wind charges at you triggering redstone-powered blocks, buttons, levers, and trapdoors.

Overall, there are plenty of aspects to look forward to whether you’re a fan of combat scenarios, new blocks, new mobs, or all three.

So if you’re wondering when does Minecraft 1.21 come out, expect it mid-2024. For more updates, guides, and tips for the game check out Minecraft game hub. We hope this article was helpful and that you’re excited about the new update just as we are.

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