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When Will the Armadillo Be Added to Minecraft? Answered

The Minecraft Armadillo release date is a long ways off yet.

The 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote has closed and the winner has been chosen, much to the chagrin of fans of a certain black-and-white bird. The Armadillo prevailed against its Crab and Penguin opponents, and the lucky winning creature will be added to the game with a later patch. Seeing that the voting just ended, plenty of people want to know when they can finally get their own little rolling bundle of joy. So when will the Armadillo be added to Minecraft? Read on to find out.

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When Will the Armadillo Be Added to Minecraft? Answered

While some other developers might get to work on implementing a popular and fan-voted mob into the game quickly, this is Mojang. We’ve got a while to wait. The Armadillo release date won’t be until patch 1.21.

Currently, Minecraft is on patch 1.20 on both Java and Bedrock, but patch 1.21 won’t be seeing a release anytime soon, nor will the Armadillo mob. During Minecraft Live 2023, Mojang announced that Minecraft 1.21 won’t be released until “midway through 2024.” This means we’ve got nearly a year to wait until the Armadillo and the rest of the snazzy features shown during Minecraft Live won’t be available for a little less than a year from the time of writing.

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Last year’s Mob Vote brought us the Sniffer this year, the cute and cozy quad-pedal mobs we’ve come to love in the game’s current version. While it might seem like a long time to wait for the Armadillo, there was a similar timeframe gap between last year’s vote and the release of 1.20. It’s most likely the Armadillo release date will fall in the early months of summer, just like this year’s big patch did.

We’ve got a while to wait, but at least now you know when the Armadillo will be added to Minecraft. The Mob Vote this year caused a huge ruckus, and I think we can all agree to be glad it’s over. If you found this guide helpful, we have a ton of Minecraft guides and hand-picked seed lists here on GameSkinny for you to check out.

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