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When Does The Finals Open Beta End?

With the playtest out for almost a week, players are wondering when does The Finals open beta end?

The playtest has been a huge success as FPS fans flock to check out this new Embark Studios game. If you are wondering when does The Finals open beta end, here is the answer.

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Beta testing for the game began on October 26, 2023, and it is ending sooner than you think. It will last for about ten days as Embark gathers valuable feedback from players.

The Finals: When Does Open Beta End?

The beta testing period for The Finals ends on November 5, 2023. The beta is completely free and it even has a Battle Pass with 16 unique rewards available in the full game. You can play the beta on an Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Steam. 

Seeing as it’ll last for only a short while, make sure to unlock as many items as you can. What I like about the beta is that most of them will carry over to the full release. For example, there is item progression with five Mastery Levels per weapon and there are several to unlock for the Light, Medium, and Heavy classes.

In total, the beta features:

So what are the other main highlights of the test?

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The Finals Playtest

One of the most exciting features of the beta is the new Skyway Stadium arena with new game modes. Furthermore, Monaco and Seoul are back along with the Unranked/Ranked tournament, Quick Cash, and Practice Range modes. The new mode is Bank-It where four teams of three compete to score the maximum limit of coins.

So to sum up, test out new features, progress through the Battle Pass, and unlock rewards for the full release. The Finals open beta will end on November 5, 2023, so hurry up and unlock what you can before the end. If you are interested in guides on the game, take a look at our The Finals guides hub here for tips like the best cross-hair settings.

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