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Where to Get Super Mario Wonder Trading Cards

Here's where to get Super Mario Wonder trading cards with the game now out.

Who doesn’t love to collect trading cards from their favorite franchise? I sure do, probably too much. So with the Super Mario Bros. Wonder recent release, you may be wondering, where to get Super Mario Wonder trading cards? 

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Where to Get Super Mario Wonder Trading Cards

Many retailers had different pre-order bonuses for Super Mario Bros. Wonder before release:

  • GameStop gave out exclusive stickers.
  • Target offered an exclusive shadow box collectible of the main box art.
  • Best Buy gave out a poster of the game for pre-orders.
  • Walmart had exclusive trading cards. 

Each Walmart pre-order of Super Mario Bros. Wonder came with one trading card pack. Every trading card pack came with 10 cards pulled from a set of 15, four holographic cards, and a Limited Edition Elephant Mario card numbered one through 1000. So the only way to get Super Mario Wonder trading cards was to pre-order it from Walmart

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How to Get the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-order Cards Now

However, what if you didn’t pre-order the game from Walmart? Can you still get the trading cards? You can now only get Super Mario Wonder trading cards from the third-party sellers since they are not sold in stores. You can find single packs on Ebay going for around $50 and the bundle of the game and cards for around $100. 

I’ve also noticed some single card listings on Ebay, however the prices for each card varies. If you’re hoping to find an elusive Elephant Mario card, make sure you have plenty of money to spend since they’re going for around $1000! Remember, always make sure you’re buying from reliable sources and use Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee to have the safest experience possible. 

And that is where to get Super Mario Wonder trading cards, now that the game is fully out. You either had to pre-order the game from Walmart or you’ll have to spend a pretty penny on the second hand market. For more Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Check out our dedicated guides hub. 

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