Doing the Boogie Down with a slime in Lethal Company
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Which Is the Lethal Company Boogie Down Mod? Answered

Here's the mod that lets you Boogie Down in Lethal Company, and how to unlock all emotes in it.

There are so many mods for this game by now that it’s impossible to keep track. The number of cosmetic and silly mods is just through the roof. Everyone’s looking for the Lethal Company Boogie Down mod, so let’s go into which one it is and how to unlock every emote in it.

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Which Lethal Company Mod Adds the Boogie Down Dance from Fortnite

Boogie Down is one of the most iconic Fortnite dances, and now you can do it along with dozens of other emotes. All it takes is one mod with built-in progression for those who want a little something extra. Which mod, you ask? TooManyEmotes, one of the most popular Lethal Company mods for the game on Thunderstore. Read on to find out how it works, and how to disable the progression system so you have all the emotes unlocked immediately.

How the Lethal Company TooManyEmotes Mod Works

TooManyEmotes packs over 100 emotes to play with in Lethal Company, but you have to spend credits to get them. Use the “emotes” command on the Terminal to see the emote shop. Emotes will rotate like shop sales and have different costs based on how “rare” they are.

How to Use Emotes with TooManyEmotes

Hold the tilde key (~) just to the left of your 1 key to bring up the emote wheel while the mod is running. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll between pages and select rarities to the left. When your character starts to emote, the camera will pan out to a third-person view. Boogie Down is Uncommon and on the first page.

The TooManyEmotes wheel to Boogie Down in Lethal Company.
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How to Unlock All Emotes Instantly with TooManyEmotes Using the Thunderstore Mod Manager

It’s possible to unlock every emote immediately with this Lethal Company mod, though it might take some of the fun out of it. It definitely didn’t take the fun out of surprising my friends with California Girls and blaring it through voice, though! Let’s just go through how to unlock all emotes in this mod, step by step:

  1. Click on “Edit config” on the left of the Thunderstore Mod Manager.
  2. Select BepInEx/config/FlipMods.TooManyEmotes.cfg and then click the “Edit Config” button.
  3. Scroll down until you find “I am a Party Pooper”
  4. Click the related drop-down that says “false” by default, and change the value to “true.”
  5. Click save at the top right of the manager to save your changes.

When you enter a game, you can hold the tilde key to bring up the emote radial menu and have everything unlocked already. You’ve done it: you’ve gotten the Boogie Down dance in Lethal Company. But of course, there are plenty of other fun dances and emotes to use with TooManyEmotes. Check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny, such as our guide to all monsters and how to beat them.

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