WildStar Adventure Guide: Siege of the Tempest Refuge

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get gold on Siege of the Tempest Refuge!

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get gold on Siege of the Tempest Refuge!

Siege of the Tempest Refuge is a level 30 Adventure in WildStar. I’ll go over everything about this Adventure so you’ll be able to get gold medals everytime. Are you ready for some hardcore tower defense? You better be, cupcake!

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This guide will cover the Siege of Tempest Refuge Adventure including:

  • Tower Defense – What it is and how to complete it.
  • Go for Gold – What’s required for Gold and tips on getting it.

Tower Defense – You must protect this house!

The initial premise is simple, defend a generator from waves of enemies. Easy, Right? Plot Twist! You also have soldiers that you place at specific locations and level up each wave.

There are 3 entrances to defend. You have 5 soldiers available and anyone can place them. Placing them in the right locations is crucial. Your team also needs to divide themselves between the 3 entrances. Flags show where you can place troops.

Below is a suggested positioning. You’ll have to move to help people and change targets throughout the fight. The main thing to remember is to not let the enemy damage the generator if possible.

  • 2 dps at the north entrance.
  • 1 dps at the south entrance.
  • Tank and healer at the middle entrance.

The boss comes through the middle entrance so its good to have the tank there. The healer can also float between each entrance easily if they stay in the middle.

  • 2 NPCs at the north entrance.
  • 2 NPCs at the south entrance.
  • 1 NPC at the middle entrance.

This gives extra dps support for the lone dps and both the north and south groups can head to middle quickly if needed.

You’ll fight 5 waves of enemies with a boss at the end of each wave. After the last boss, retreat to the generator and fight the remaining enemies until you see the explosion. You’ll explode like a popped balloon if you aren’t in the safety range of the generator when the explosion happens.

Go for Gold – If you’re not first you’re last!

To get gold, the generator’s shields can not drop below 90%. This is difficult if you don’t know what to do. Staying aware and knowing the enemies will get you gold.

Enemies to watch for

  • Saboteur – This is the most important enemy to watch for. They are stealth and plant explosives. You’ll see a message that says, “Saboteurs are inside the perimeter! You turrets are temporarily disabled!
    • When you see this send 2 people to the generator and attack until you reveal them.
    • They have an explosive charge that you don’t want going off, if it does, you won’t get gold.
    • You can defuse the bomb if it is planted. You’ll have enough time.
  • Assault Tank – Another dangerous enemy trying to stop you from getting gold. When it spawns, everyone needs to run to it and kill it quickly.
    • It does a huge AOE the knocks back. It can be interrupted. 
  • Rocket Trooper – Uses Mortar Barrage. It targets a player, so run until it stops casting. It does a lot of damage so avoid it or interrupt it.
  • Bunker Buster – It’s like a tank and it moves very slowly so you usually have no problem killing it in time. If it gets to the generator though, bye-bye gold!

By following the positioning tips, keeping an eye on the important enemies listed, and working as a team, you can get gold and finish this Adventure quickly.

That wraps up this guide on Siege of Tempest Refuge. If you want any more tips and help, check out our WildStar Guides. Our team is constantly updating the shee with more guides so check back often.

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