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Will Smite Skins Transfer to Smite 2? Answered

Will all your hard earned skins transfer over to Smite 2? We have the answer!

Hi-Rez Studios has officially announced Smite 2, a sequel to its hit MOBA, set to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. However, if you’ve spent hours collecting skins for your heroes, you might have one question: Will Smite skins transfer to Smite 2?

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Will Smite Skins Carry Over to Smite 2? Answered

Smite 1 has over 1,600 unique skins for each of its heroes. With Smite 2 on the horizon and an Alpha playtest coming in Spring 2024, you might be wondering what’ll happen to your skins. Unfortunately, Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed that Smite skins won’t transfer to Smite 2

The reason why old skins won’t be ported is similar to the reason why Smite 2 won’t come to last-gen consoles. As detailed in the FAQ, this sequel is making a massive graphical leap to Unreal 5. The first Smite, for comparison, was on Unreal 3. Hi-Rez Studios claimed that it takes “two months” to transfer a single skin. 

Worried that all your progress from Smite will be for not in Smite 2? You’re not completely out of luck. During the official keynote, Executive Producer Travis Brown stated, “Don’t worry, just because your content doesn’t directly transfer doesn’t mean we’re not rewarding our loyal players in Smite 2 for their time, money, and accomplishments.”

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What Will Happen to Your Smite 1 Gems? Answered

The team also announced that players who spent Gems in Smite 1 get an equal amount of Legacy Gems in Smite 2. You can use these for up to 50% of most in-game purchases. 

Any purchase of the Smite 2 founders packs grants you double the Legacy Gems. However, you’ll have to pay the other half of the purchase with your hard-earned cash. 

So, will Smite skins transfer to Smite 2? Sadly, your skins won’t transfer over. However, you’ll be compensated with Legacy Gems equal to the amount of Gems purchased in Smite 1. If you’re itching to give this new MOBA a try, sign up for the upcoming Alpha playtest.

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