WoW Classic Dungeon Levels Listed for SoD and Hardcore

A quick reference to WoW Classic's dungeon levels and abbreviations.

The BFD loading screen in WoW Classic.
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Diving into instances is a big part of the World of Warcraft experience, especially in WoW Classic, Hardcore, and Season of Discovery, where everything’s a little slower. The recommended dungeon levels are a little different from the game’s expansions and the contents, well, you might have a tough time.

What are WoW Classic Dungeon Levels?

With Season of Discovery Phase 1 in full swing, you won’t be able to complete all these dungeons with the current Level Cap of 25. However, that should change in future phases. And Hardcore has no such level limit if you’re up for the challenge of running dungeons with the threat of permanent death.

So, for Hardcore in particular, I recommend running dungeons when you’re on the higher end of the level range. Such as being in the later 20s for level for a dungeon like Shadowfang Keep to minimize your chance of permanent death. At the very least, I’d take along a higher-level tank or healer if you can since those roles are crucial for surviving a dungeon run.

How Level Ranges Work in Classic

That said, you don’t have to strictly be within the recommended level range for every instance. It depends on your group, and it’s very possible you’ll get pulled into instances at levels outside of the ranges listed here. Trust your groups to hold each other up and do your best.

Onyxia Dragon loading screen
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All WoW Classic Dungeon and Raid Levels and Locations

 Ragefire Chasm
13 to 18Orgrimmar
The Deadmines
(VC or DM)
17 to 26Moonbrook in
Wailing Caverns
17 to 24Lushwater Oasis in
The Barrens
Shadowfang Keep
22 to 30Silverpine Forest
Blackfathom Deeps
24 to 32The Zoram Strand in
The Stockade
24 to 32The Canals in
Razorfen Kraul
29 to 38Southern Barrens
 29 to 38Dun Morogh
Scarlet Monastery
34 to 45Whispering Gardens in
Tirisfal Glades
Razorfen Downs
37 to 46Southern Barrens
41 to 51The Maker’s Terrace in
 42 to 46Sandsorrow Watch in
46 to 55Valley of Spears in
Temple of Atal’Hakkar
(Sunken Temple; ST)
 50 to 56Pool of Tears in
Swamp of Sorrows
Blackrock Depths
52 to 60The Masonary in
Blackrock Mountain
Blackrock Spire
55 to 60Blackrock Spire in
Blackrock Mountain
Dire Maul
55 to 60High Wilderness in
58 to 60Plaguewood in
Eastern Plaguelands
 58 to 60Caer Darrow in
Western Plaguelands
 Onyxia’s Lair
 60Dustwallow Marsh
 Molten Core
 60Blackrock Depths in
Blackrock Mountain
Blackwing Lair
60Blackrock Mountain
60Stranglethorn Vale
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And that covers our WoW Classic dungeon levels list for Season of Discovery and Hardcore. Check out our other WoW Classic guides, such as our weapon trainer locations guide, or our guides focused on leveling characters such as RFC quest locations and WC quest locations. Also, check out our WoW Season of Discovery guides hub for topics about old content and new changes unique to SoD Phase 1. Good luck on your adventures through Azeroth!

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