WoW Classic: Where to Find All RFC Quests

Where to find all five quests you can take care of in RFC (Ragefire Chasm).

I've seen a lot of people ask in General and Trade which quests are available for RFC (Ragefire Chasm) in WoW Classic, the Horde's first dungeon. Alliance may have Deadmines, but we Horde have... some warlocks in a cave over here in Orgrimmar. Uh...

Anyway, there are six quests for Ragefire Chasm. Five can be picked up outside of the dungeon and the sixth is a continuation of one of the quests obtained in Thunder Bluff.

Read on and find out where you can find these quests, and bear in mind all of them can be picked up at Level 9.

RFC Quests Starting in Orgrimmar

Slaying the Beast

This quest can be gotten from an NPC just outside of RFC and only requires you defeat Targaman the Hungerer in RFC. Just about everyone picks this quest up their first time.

Quest giver location.

Hidden Enemies

You'll have to head to the Valley of Wisdom to pick this one up, and it requires you go further into RFC after the fight with Targaman to defeat Bazzalan and Jergosh the Invoker.

Quest giver location.

RFC Quests Starting in Thunder Bluff

Testing an Enemy's Strength

This quest can be picked up from a Tauren on The Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff and asks you to kill Ragefire Troggs and Shamans in the dungeon.

Both quests in Thunder Bluff are from the same NPC.

Quest giver location.

Searching for the Lost Satchel

You'll have to find the corpse of a Tauren in Ragefire Chasm to complete this quest.

This one requires you take a slight detour to the right in the first open room of the dungeon, heading up an incline to a dead end with enemies. His corpse can be found there, after which you'll be able to pick up the quest Returning the Satchel, which requires you go back to Thunder Bluff.

RFC Quest in the Undercity

The Power to Destroy...

There is only one quest for the dungeon found in the Undercity, and it can be picked up in the bowels of the Apothecarium. The required items for this quest are dropped by Searing Blade Warlocks and Cultists within Ragefire Chasm.

Quest giver location.


Not so bad, really. You don't have to pick up these quests, but every bit of XP counts.

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Published Aug. 29th 2019

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