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WoW Classic: Where to Get the Reagent Pouch for the Call of Fire Quest in SoD and Hardcore

If you've been grinding Skull Rock for your Call of Fire Reagent Pouch, you've been in the wrong cave.

Fellow Shamans! If you’ve been grinding in a cave for entirely too long hoping for a Reagant Pouch to drop so you can give it to some weird troll on a mountain, you might be in the wrong spot. Here’s where to get the Reagent Pouch for the Call of Fire quest in WoW Classic.

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Where Do You Get the Reagent Pouch in WoW Classic? Answered

I have made the mistake of grinding in the wrong cave for the Reagent Pouch across a couple of different Shaman characters through the years, so let’s not talk about how that happened. Based on the sheer amount of level 10+ Shamans I’ve seen in Skull Rock during Season of Discovery, I can tell some of my fellow Shock enthusiasts are running into the same problem.

The Call of Fire quest is your gateway to your Fire Totem. The quest requires that you get Fire Tar from Razormane spellcasters just northwest of the Crossroads and a Reagent Pouch from some Burning Blade cultists in a cave in Durotar. The Fire Tar is easy enough, but the Reagant Pouch is a bit of a problem since the cave best known through Durotar questlines is the Skull Rock cave by Orgrimmar. That’s not the cave you need to grind to get the Reagent Pouch.

Reagent Pouch Cave Location: Where to Find Dustwind Cave

The cave where you actually need to kill a few Burning Blade cultists is fairly far south of Skull Rock. It’s easiest to reach it from Razor Hill. From Razor Hill, head northeast to find your actual destination: Dustwind Cave.

Head out of the north exit from Razor Hill and immediately turn right before going down the road through the ravine. Veer and turn left as soon as you’re able to and start marching north. If you head straight along the edge of the large rocks covering the ravine below, you’ll eventually come to Dustwind Cave. You can actually see it in the distance as soon as you turn left and get up the hill.

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The mobs in Dustwind Cave are about Level 8 through Level 11 and are generally easier than the ones in Skull Rock. That’s not what matters, though. What matters is that the pouch won’t drop from the cultists at Skull Rock. You’ll need to kill a few Burning Blade cultists to get the Reagent Pouch to drop, but it will happen.

I spent 45 minutes grinding in Skull Rock for this quest item, not even thinking about it. It took five minutes to get it in Dustwind Cave. Now you know how to get the Reagent Pouch for the Call of Fire quest in WoW Classic. If you found this guide helpful and are on that SoD or Hardcore grind, consider checking out some of our other Classic guides here on GameSkinny, such as all weapon trainer locations for Horde and Alliance and how to get Shredder Turbochargers in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery.

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