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WoW: Dragonflight Monumental Maintenance World Quest Guide

Although not overly difficult, how to complete Monumental Maintenance in WoW: Dragonflight can be a bit frustrating.

The new WoW: Dragonflight world quest Monumental Maintenance has you do a little running around to get it done. It’s a little frustrating, but how to complete Monumental Maintenance isn’t as monumental as it initially seems.

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How to Complete the Monumental Maintenance World Quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

With the addition of Zaralek Cavern, there are plenty of new World Quests you can do in WoW: Dragonflight. You’ll find Monumental Maintenance in the southeast corner of the map, but it appears with a horn symbol instead of the usual exclamation points that mark World Quest locations.

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Monumental Maintenance tasks you with retrieving three broken pieces of a statue and returning them to repair it. The pieces required are:

  • Arm and weapon (X:58.6, Y:72.4)
  • Head (X:62.7, Y:72.4)
  • Orb (X:62.3, Y:69.4)
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Overall, the quest is straightforward. You just need to collect these pieces and run them back to the statue one at a time. Though it’s fairly simple, Monumental Maintenance can be frustrating since you can’t mount or fight while holding a statue piece. This can make the quest take longer if you’re doing it alone because you’ll have to keep dropping the piece to fight enemies on the path, or you’ll have to clear them out first and rush the piece to the statue.

I like to prioritize clearing out enemies around players who are carrying the statue pieces over going to grab a piece myself. I find it goes faster to work together like that.

As a final note, you don’t actually have to participate in this World Quest to get credit for completing it. If you’re in the quest area when other players complete it, you’ll receive the credit as well. I found this out by accident when I happened to be working on another quest to defeat enemies in the same area, and Monumental Maintenance showed up as completed.

That’s it for how to complete Monumental Maintenance in World of Warcraft. For more WoW: Dragonflight guides, we have topics such as the Zaralek Cavern Dragonriding Glyph locations and how to complete Breaking Ground, your introduction to this new area.

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