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WoW SoD: All Warrior Runes in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

WoW Classic: SoD's Warrior Runes might not be terribly complicated, but they're surprisingly good.

Fury Warriors weren’t exactly popular in vanilla WoW or its era in Classic, but it’s their time to shine during the Season of Discovery. In this guide, I’ll list out all Warrior Runes in WoW Classic: SoD so you can see whether it’ll be for you.

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WoW Classic: SoD All Warrior Runes List

Let’s not debate the viability of Fury Warriors in a version of WoW long since passed. What matters is that there are some amazing Warrior Runes in SoD for damage dealing and tanking alike. There’s basically something to be excited about for each Rune slot.

Since you can only slot three Runes at once during WoW Classic: SoD Phase 1, you’ll have to make some decisions as to which will run best with your Talents. Luckily, Runes can be swapped out right in the equipment menu, so trying new things isn’t a hassle.

  • Flagellation (Chest): Gain a 25% bonus to Physical damage done for 12 seconds after activating Bloodrage or Berserker Rage.
  • Blood Frenzy (Chest): Each time you deal Bleed damage, you gain three Rage.
  • Raging Blow (Chest): A ferocious strike that deals 100% weapon damage but can only be used while Enrage, Berserker Rage, or Bloodrage is active.
  • Warbringer (Chest): Your Charge, Intercept, and Intervene abilities are now usable while in combat and in any stance and will all remove movement-impairing effects when activated.
  • Endless Rage (Hands): You generate 25% more Rage from all damage you deal.
  • Devastate (Hands): While you are in Defensive Stance and have a shield equipped, Sunder Armor also deals 100% weapon damage, increased by 10% per application of Sunder Armor already on the target.
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  • Quick Strike (Hands): A reckless instant melee attack with your two-handed weapon dealing (Attack Power * 15 / 100) to (Attack Power * 25 / 100) physical damage. This ability benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Heroic Strike.
  • Victory Rush (Hands): Instantly attack the target, causing (1 + Attack Power * 45 / 100) damage and healing you for 10% of your maximum health. Only usable within 20 seconds after you kill an enemy that yields experience or Honor.
  • Single-minded Fury (Hands): While dual-wielding, your Physical damage and movement speed are increased by 10%.
  • Frenzied Assault (Legs): While wielding 2-handed weapons, your attack speed is increased by 20%.
  • Furious Thunder (Legs): Thunder Clap now increases the time between attacks by an additional 6%, can be used in any stance, and deals 50% increased threat.
  • Consumed by Rage (Legs): Enrages you and grants you a 20% melee damage bonus for 12 seconds or up to a maximum of 12 swings after you exceed 80 Rage.

A class of few words, the Warrior Runes in WoW: SoD have the shortest descriptions, which is totally fine since I like to imagine my Warrior toons can’t read. As one large man once said, “Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?” Check out more of our WoW Classic: Season of Discovery guides here on GameSkinny, including similar lists of Shaman Runes, Rogue Runes, Druid Runes, and more.

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